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Grow Your Online Stores With Shopify Plus

March 15, 2018 |

Shopify is an eCommerce platform with a variety of features that enable you to build and operate an eCommerce store without the burden of planning the coding, hosting, and other geeky stuff.

Shopify has time and again proved to be easy and one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out in the market. Nevertheless, there has been quite a few challenges in Shopify: handling bigger customers, larger order numbers and large data securely were cumbersome. The non-scalability of Shopify was something that every big player expected from the Canadian company.

The answer from them was Shopify Plus, a 100% scalable, cloud-based enterprise e-commerce platform for high-volume merchants. It’s a hosted and fully customized platform for big brands.

Shopify, on the one hand, is built for businesses getting started with commerce and looking for a simplified and streamlined experience. On the other hand, Shopify Plus offers the same core attributes but provides more opportunities for customization, scalability, integrations, and higher-order volumes.


Shopify Plus supports integrations with the following business applications:

Shopify Plus restful APIs and SDKs offers extensive integration possibilities. This helps in enhancing the capabilities of an online store with thousands of professionally built apps or with the help of trusted partners. APIs with Shopify Plus also helps to connect to your preferred accounting, CRM, ERP, and other software.

User Base

 Approximately 500,000+ merchants use Shopify, while Shopify Plus has a user base of around 2,500 merchants. The latter is pretty much suitable for a niche market and thus not recommended to all.

Core Attributes of Shopify

  • Shopify offers templates and themes so that companies can quickly enhance their already existing ecommerce store.
  • Shopify handles an unlimited number of products and inventory items.
  • Shopify provides single-step order fulfillment and essential analytics tools to track sales.
  • A basic version of Shopify puts up limitations for a higher volume of products and orders. This is where Shopify Plus comes into play.

Dream Online Store

Attributes of Shopify Plus

  • Shopify Plus leads up Shopify by the kind of infrastructure that can lead to better sales and marketing experiences.
  • Shopify Plus can handle 10,000 checkouts per minute.
  • Shopify Plus offers responsive themes for mobile commerce.
  • Offers reliable connectivity with dual content delivery network connectivity system.
  • Provides Standardized APIs for quick and easy data integration.
  • Supports social integrations like Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Offers development kit for native mobile app development.
  • Launch Manager and Merchant Success Manager solution empowers merchant to get the strategic support to get the most out of their sites.

Premium Features in Shopify Plus

Theme Customization – Shopify offers customizable product page, home page, and cart page, etc. but it’s restricted to checkout pages. However, Checkout page can also be customized with Shopify Plus with a responsive layout.Unlimited Staff Accounts – Shopify Plus merchants get unlimited staff accounts allowing you to track events on your store timelines and grow your personnel without additional cost.Wholesale Channel – This feature of Shopify Plus enables you to easily expand your business by creating a turnkey self-service storefront for high-volume buyers.Dedicated Support – Shopify Plus provides dedicated support through personal Launch Engineer for migration, SSL processing, and development roadblocks. A tailored group of agencies and technology partners is available to accelerate your growth or scale your business. Shopify Plus merchants have been provided access to the Merchant Success Front-End Development team for advice and troubleshooting design changes.

Beta Features in Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus merchants will also be provided access to the newest features that are about to launch through merchant success manager.

Shopify Scripts

One of the most exciting Shopify updates is the release of Script editor. This allows developers to write the ruby script that is hosted and run by Shopify; helps in creating scripts that can change the price and properties of line items in the cart; allows to run promotions without the use of discount codes.

This feature helps the merchant in delivering personalized shopping experience with tiered pricing, exclusive BOGO offers, and customized shipping and payment options.


Launchpad is an automated tool to schedule, monitor, and manage events such as campaigns, product releases, and product changes. It takes the burden out of flash sales and makes running events convenient and easier. This tool also allows to schedule, coordinate, and execute significant ecommerce events in advance.The real-time analytics dashboard helps merchants to analyze the performance in real time, sales and orders figures, inventory details and average order values.

Exclusive API Access

Shopify Plus helps in building complex integrations with Carrier Services, Gift Card, Users and Multipass/SSO APIs. 

The robust and reliable nature of Shopify Plus makes it ideal for the businesses who would otherwise have to hire technical staff. With Shopify Plus you get pretty much every tool available and, of course, more features than Shopify.

Hope this blog was useful. Please feel free to write to us if you have any queries or comments.

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Sowmiya is a Senior Shopify Developer at DCKAP. Passionate about Shopify and RoR, she is also experienced in various other platforms like Python, Django, and Cordova. Apart from website development, her interests lie in developing apps, theme customizations and dabbling in new technologies.

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