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Epicor P21 Explained: Pricing, Features, Use Cases

June 5, 2023 |

Prophet 21 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool created by Epicor. Primarily tragetting distributors, the tool is known for its robustness and has a thriving user base.

This guide will quickly cover key aspects of the tool you need to know, and for current users, how you can maximize its potential through integration.

Epicor Prophet 21 At A Glance: 

What’s good: comprehensive and adaptable system design. Access the database.

What’s bad: If extended technical assistance for on-premise deployments is required, it is an additional fee.

Bottom line: A fully complete, adaptable, and expandable ERP that is simple to use for wholesale distributors.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, which may be a strain for organizations. How? The issue is that older corporate systems are no longer capable of supporting growth and may potentially become technically obsolete. Furthermore, the cost of upgrading or purchasing new systems is always considerable, and existing systems eventually become obsolete.

ERPs, on the other hand, have grown commonplace in both major enterprises and startups. ERPs now cover a wide range of industries, especially with the introduction of cloud ERP. Before we go into Epicor Prophet 21 ERP, let’s take a look at why firms migrate to an ERP.

Whether your company is a small or huge corporation, there will be various areas that require supervision. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates fundamental corporate activities into a consolidated dashboard. Previously, huge multinational corporations exploited these operations.

Because they were too expensive to manage, ERP deployment and maintenance were handled by qualified individuals and a specialized IT infrastructure.

It is a wise decision to seek software solutions that are agile and nimble to upgrade while allowing you to scale your organization operationally quickly.

This comprehensive, cloud-based, and unified solution uses a variety of techniques to transform your business information into business intelligence, including machine learning, predictive data analytics, forecasting, and complete cloud capabilities.

ERP solutions are often adaptable, versatile, and scalable. With an ERP solution, you can expect to manage your business operations from start to finish while also providing excellent customer service and support.

With a plethora of capabilities including tracking your production, suppliers, demand channels, inventory forecasts, and other important business divisions.

You can use an ERP system to identify and produce growth opportunities, ensuring overall industry performance and consumer pleasure.

We look over the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP solution in detail, including pricing, industry modules, technical specifications, and implementation. This post is for you if you are a finance manager, entrepreneur, operational head, or any other important decision-maker looking for an ERP.

Product Overview: Epicor Prophet 21

Epicor Prophet 21 Cloud is a future-ready platform for the digitization of business needs today, powered by Microsoft Azure. It is built on SaaS technologies for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and continuous innovation.

It is a device-independent system that works in a Windows environment on web browsers, tablets, and smartphones, boosting usability and mobility. There are on-premises and SaaS alternatives available.

Distributors that choose the on-premises version can use the integrated web application or deploy it to the cloud. Epicor Prophet 21 Cloud is intended to assist distribution businesses in scaling, changing, and growing without requiring large system upgrades.

Prophet 21 Cloud combines established distribution experience with an end-to-end Web-enabled infrastructure and current technological stack: HTML5, Angular JS,.NET, and SQL Server®. As a cloud-based solution, it offers additional freedom to scale, expand, adapt, and configure it to fit the way organizations work, with complete extensibility via an application programming interface (API).

This enables organizations to add specific functionality and/or increase efficiency and productivity by linking their business operations with the vendors, customers, and partners they require.

Who Can Use Epicor Prophet 21?

The Epicor Prophet 21 Cloud system is intended to improve the efficiency of the different distribution operations in today’s dynamic supply chain. Epicor offers market-leading solutions to distributors of all sizes. It is a feature-rich program designed to manage distribution industry requirements such as fasteners, fluid power, HVAC, industrial/safety, medical supplies, and welding, to mention a few.

Among its customers are:

  • Wurth Group
  • Sonepar
  • Winsupply
  • United Distribution Group
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • Radwell International
  • Walker Zanger
  • DeeTag Ltd.
  • Triad Technologies
  • Grove Medical

Modules Of Epicor Prophet 21? 

The Epicor Prophet 21 system is a comprehensive, effective, and efficient end-to-end business management solution built for today’s distributors, complete with mobile access. Its capabilities include the following:

eCommerce: Based on Adobe Commerce (prev. Magento), this integration assists companies in increasing revenues, reaching new customers, and shortening sales cycles. It supports both B2B and B2C channels, as well as storefront construction, real-time stock levels, mobile access, and other features.

Business intelligence: Epicor Data Analytics and Customer Buying Trend Analyzer assist a firm in generating and maintaining real-time insights visible from executive, A/R, sales rep, and purchasing trends dashboards.

Financial management: A/R, A/P, general ledger, buying, AvaTax, and vendor rebates are available to users. Real-time drill down, multicurrency and multi-company support and account balance notifications simplify business accounting.

Customer relationship management (CRM): This module assists users in managing contacts (including tracking customers’ purchasing patterns), leads and opportunities (including tracking sales progress, establishing sales starts, and utilizing analytics), and marketing (including generating call lists and targeted mailing lists, and setting follow-up dates.).

Sales management: Comprises of order management, credit card processing, the capacity to monitor customer purchasing habits, and a strategic pricing tool that determines the best price based on market data and sales history.

Supply chain management: Users may manage warehouses, inventories, buying, and production using the supply chain management module. This feature contains Advanced Demand Forecasting, which predicts the quantity of inventory required more precisely.

Epicor data analytics: This function leverages existing data to assist clients in making strategic decisions and calculating return on investment (ROI). It provides customers with robust mobile functionality as well as improved BI and analytical tools.

DocStar enterprise content management (ECM): This program collects and handles text, PDF, email, video, HTML, and more formats. It may automate “mission important” operations such as accounts payable and expenditure approvals.

Wireless warehouse management: Users may control inventory receipt, put-away, picking, cycle counts, and more, as well as account for modifications, all from any mobile device or distant location.

Using Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Solution?

To hit the ground running with the Epicor ERP and Prophet 21 ERP solution, there are many resources available online. Epicor Prophet 21 solution is a powerful ERP product that has great community support.

Of course, if you want to utilize the Epicor Prophet 21 to its full potential, learning will be essential. Below are some resources that you can use to master the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP solution:

  • Official Epicor Prophet 21 ERP solution guide here;
  • Official Epicor Prophet 21 ERP solution community resources here;
  • Official Epicor Prophet 21 ERP solution blog platform.

Epicor Prophet 21 Pricing

Epicor Prophet 21 does not disclose pricing information. Prospective customers should contact Epicor for details or you can contact the vendor here to get pricing information for your custom needs.

Why don’t you check out what the users have to say about the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Solution on some of the few review sites? Improve your decision with sites like Capterra or G2 to measure Epicor Prophet 21 ERP to other ERP solutions by industry, ratings, customer views, pricing, organization size, features, and more.

How Long Does It Take To Deploy Epicor Prophet 21 ERP System?

The Epicor implementation methodology is broken into five stages: prepare, plan, design, validate and deploy.

Each stage includes a series of segments that are filled with a set of inputs, tools, techniques, and deliverables that build on one another to move the process to the next stage.

  • Prepare: Epicor’s consulting team aligns the implementation project expectations with the software suite a company is planning to implement.
  • Plan: The planning stage is the absolute start of implementation. It builds the foundation for the complete project and forms the blueprint that sets out the system specifications, sources, and timelines that are required to match a company’s needs and funds.
  • Design: A company’s core design team and subject matter specialists begin to utilize the system and report how the organization plans to apply the system to match its business goals.
  • Validate: The goal of this stage is to better ensure that all business procedures are correctly documented and that the business operations flow successfully through the system.
  • Deploy: Epicor’s consulting team supports clients with developing their go-live plans, as well as implementing end-user training.

ERP Integration & Epicor P21

One alternative for Prophet 21 integration is to use a cloud-based connection provider like DCKAP Integrator or Boomi, which both offer connectors for these two programs.

These services connect a variety of business applications and are highly configurable, allowing smooth data flow: thus paving the way for more transparency in business processes and better workflows.

(Incidentally, DCKAP Integrator also has a custom API for Epicor Prophet 21 customers.)

Successful integration can help prevent the need for otherwise time-consuming manual processes, with the ERP data being centralized and negating the need to manually change or update customer data, and order history and information on various other systems.

It is possible to integrate Prophet 21 with many integration points: from your ecommerce store and CRM to other software systems like your PIM, EDI and more.

If you need to clean up your sales data before importing it into Epicor Prophet 21, or if you need to use several data sources or endpoints, this might be quite beneficial.

The right tool can offer advantages ranging from access to real-time data and reduced costs to breaking down operational silos.

In Summary 

Clients of Epicor P21 have access to its online client support center, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It provides data, resources, and services such as client account data, an online knowledge center, product documentation including downloads, online discussions, and communities, and other valuable information.

With a powerful tool, you can even integrate your P21 ERP with your eCommerce platform, CRM system, PIM tool and others.

Boost profitability with expertise earned with over 100 P21 customers. Learn more about DCKAP Integrator in person by scheduling a demo here. You can also bookmark this page for the latest updates. Let us know what you would like to learn about on LinkedIn.


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