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Highlights of 6th Chennai Magento Meetup

Tamizh Selvan
October 24, 2016 |
Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee

We at DCKAP believe that sharing with the community is the only way to grow. Get to know more about the Magento development services from people who benefitted out of it

There is no wealth like knowledge, said Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, more than 2000 years ago. The words are eternal and truer today. Technology is in a state of flux and is humanly impossible to keep up with the deluge of information.

This is why meetups like the Chennai Magento Meetup become important. In such meetups ,the information is curated and distilled knowledge is shared with the participants.

DCKAP has been diligent in organizing Magento Meetups to share its hard-earned knowledge with the Magento fans of  Chennai. The 6th Chennai Magento Meetup organized on 21st Oct 2016 was an effort in that direction. McDonald’s Kilpauk, Chennai, was the venue of the meetup.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Data Migration

The meetup began with a technical presentation from Suresh, a Technical Architect, and Magento Developer Plus Certified developer. Suresh dug deep into the intricacies and challenges of Magento 2 data migration from Magento 1. The presentation was based on real-time experience from one of our client projects.


For the participants, it was a great learning opportunity and the presentation was followed by an intense Q&A session.

Open Discussions

After the presentation,the floor was thrown open to the participants for open discussions. There was a freewheeling discussion on topics ranging from Magento extensions to Magento migration.

The burgers, fries, and discussions formed a perfect combo and the discussion extended till late in the evening.

Going Live

For the first time, we chatted with a few of the participants through Facebook Live.  It was good to know their feedbacks as it would become the impetus and the input for the next meet.

Magento is a niche community in Chennai and such meetups provide the developers, designers, and merchants a platform to meet, learn and share.

chennai magento meetup


Thanks to all the participants who made it to the meetup in spite of the weekend traffic. Till we meet again , we can be in touch through Meet Magento group on Facebook. Here is the link for the group.

Also, we can join the Magento2 Developer  chat.

Tamizh Selvan

Tamizh Selvan heads the marketing efforts for DCKAP and its brands. He manages its content marketing and blog. He is a bibliophile and a cinephile. He can be found browsing at any one of the popular bookshops in Chennai during the weekends or watching movies at home.

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