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How To Connect Your Epicor Prophet 21 ERP System With vizB

Hari Prasad
August 3, 2021 |
Forecast and Optimize your Shopify Store with vizB

Epicor Prophet 21 also known as P21 is a Microsoft Windows-based software package for wholesale distribution. The most significant benefit that you get from ERP systems is that all of the information about the current status of your business and your supply chain is in one place. When you need the information to decide on resource planning, you can find it somewhere in Prophet 21. By integrating P21 with vizB helps users in decision making by giving actionable insights based on analytics data provided in vizB dashboards.

The first step is to sign up with vizB app using URL and login using your credentials

After logging into vizB in the dashboard page select your profile at the top right corner drill down and select the connectors option.

In the connectors page under the ERP platform select the P21 option to get to the P21 DB credentials page

Now before entering your P21 database credentials you have to whitelist vizB’s ip address in your system since p21 DB access is restricted for public ip for security purposes it is mandatory to whitelist your ip to gain access to your DB so please mail us to get vizB’s ip address. After whitelisting enter your P21 credentials such as server id, port id, database name, username and password after you hit the save button you will get a success message pop up.

After successfully registering your P21 DB credentials with vizB, will start importing your P21 data such as customers, orders, suppliers into vizB depending on data size it would take a few hours or a day to complete the data import process.

Once the data import process is complete your vizB dashboard will be populated with charts and tables which provides business insights for better decision making.

Hari Prasad

Hari Prasad, an AI Engineer at DCKAP and a machine learning enthusiast passionate about cutting-edge technology, always curious about learning new tools, likes to participate in hackathons and to solve real-world problems.

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