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Integrating Infor Cloud ERP With Your eCommerce Platform

October 8, 2020
Sreedevi R

Achieving operational excellence is all that matters to strengthen your grip in this dynamic world of business. With the ripples of globalization kicking in, strengthening your performance in the eCommerce spectrum becomes vital for survival. Here is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) comes into the picture.

From simplifying complex procedures to managing all your data, ERP serves all your needs in meeting your customer expectations. With the ROI time of just 2.5 years, 95% of the businesses have already benefited from ERP implementation. But with the plethora of software that exists in the market, integrating the right one with your eCommerce platform is of prime significance.

Infor Cloud ERP eases complexities

Through specialized modules for various industries, Infor Cloud ERP effortlessly executes intricate processes and financial management, streamlining business operations. With wider experience in major industry verticals, the software solutions of Infor will provide transparent and cohesive answers to all the challenges faced in your eCommerce business.    

Infor Cloud ERP- A Perfect Fit for All Industries

Hosted through the Amazon Web Services, Infor ERP offers flexible and holistic integration solutions for your eCommerce platform that ensure scalability irrespective of the industry you are in. 

  • Consumer Industry- The all-inclusive features of Infor ERP efficiently cater to any unforeseen innovations or dynamic trends in consumer industries. 
  • Discrete Industry- Certified on the AWS GovCloud, the secure technology of Infor LN makes it a favorable integration solution for the discrete industry. Moreover, Infor supports the Defense Priority Allocation System (DPAS) that focuses on defense-related contracts.
  • Energy and Natural Resources- By guaranteeing compliance with NERC, CIP, and adherence to sustainability regulations, utility organizations can do away with any potential threat.
  • Hospitality- Infor’s hospitality cloud solutions offer a Property Management System (PMS) and Revenue Management System (RMS) to optimize the user experience and cope with the ever-changing hospitality industry. 
  • Service Industry- The banking and finance sector can ensure transparency over cash positions as it monitors intraday liquidity in real-time. 

Top Three Reasons to Rely on Infor Cloud ERP

1. Caters to Innovation and Dynamic Technology

Infor estimates the demands and can adapt to shifts in the supply chain by sensing any potential innovation. Predictive analysis, business intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence offered by Infor provide a bird’s eye view of operations. By employing machine learning, IoT, and automated functionalities, a complete monitoring system will come in place, gaining you precise ideas about transactional updates. Infor ERP supports AIThe business intelligence process of closed-loop analysis calls for optimal allocation of data, which can be used for evaluation in the future as well. Integration of APIs, data lake, and low-code/no-code development capabilities helps in elevating your current technology and legacy applications. Offering innovative tools to cope with multiple bids along with automation of vendor rebate tracking and processing of claims, Infor eases complex business functionalities. You can eliminate operational complexity through well-developed workforce management and shop floor automation that Infor showcases. In the healthcare sector, EHR integration improves care delivery, while enhancing the care continuum.

2. Unified Infrastructure With Enhanced Security

Provided in a multi-tenant cloud, Infor efficiently incorporates contracts and project management capabilities, assuring transparency by linking work breakdown structures. While offering complete automated functionalities for configuration, quoting, and pricing, it also displays details of project pegging, scheduling, and costing. The Distribution SX.e. software offered by Infor caters to the distributor’s needs by facilitating lot traceability and 3PL inventory management. The integration solution minimizes complicated procedures as it supports numerous manufacturing models within a single application. integration aids unified infrastructureInfor Cloud ERP gives space for security enhancements to meet the regulations of ITAR, NIST, and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). By allowing a glance into safety outcomes with predictive analytics, its integration solution also manages asset risk and regulatory requirements. An exact overview of optimal planning and operations reduces any chances of negative consequences as well. 

3. User-friendly Overview

Once integrated into your eCommerce platform, Infor gives you a transparent view of the customer’s journey, while enhancing the user experience through a role-based dashboard and self-service portal. Infor Cloud ERP offers seamless navigation, while also guaranteeing a complete overview of each functional area. You can easily track the CLV of your guests through the guest history from a unified dashboard, enabling upselling opportunities. The API integration in the cloud links all the touchpoints of order and provides a clear picture of the workflow right from inquiry to invoice. Infor Cloud ERP eliminates data and organizational silos. The Global Ledger dimensionality eases enterprise reporting by providing a centralized insight. Through the identification of data, Infor enhances visibility and enterprise-wide access through the multi-tenant cloud. Optimizing the government HR system is also possible through automated workforce scheduling, absence management, and accurate reporting of time and attendance.

Sum and Substance of Infor Cloud ERP

Synchronized Order Management

Infor solutions offer flawless functionality of order management that enables faster creation of quotes with precise pricing and immaculate product configuration. On-the-spot order processing assures quick responses and arrangement of product schedules. Supply, production, and availability of engineering resources can be examined before creating the quote so that the customer won’t face any delay.   Infor cloud ERP aids order managementInfor facilitates multi-channel order that looks into effective fulfillment of orders within the stipulated time. Insights into industry metrics and KPIs give a fair view of the status of a particular order. Its dynamic supply chain orchestration weakens unforeseen risks. An optimal service level can be achieved easily through rules-based order fulfillment engines. The work breakdown structure (WBS) incorporated by Infor Cloud ERP reflects its adequate project management. Project cost ledger analytics and earned value management displayed by Infor Cloud ERP help you to assess any need for performance upgrades or cost management. Additionally, processing personalized orders and proper order promising will earn you satisfied customers. With 40% of B2B customers demanding back-end integration with the Order Management System, Infor helps you stay ahead of the competition. 

Transparent Shipping Process

The extended supply chain management takes care of transportation and meeting the delivery lead-time. By enabling the RFID tracking, transparency of the supply chain is guaranteed. You will be given confirmation regarding the exact time of arrival and in case of any delays, proactive alerting is enabled to take measures to wriggle out of such situations. Further, the omnichannel supply chain visibility also ensures better coordination of operations in distribution centers. Visual traceability and graphical lot tracking enable quality management throughout the shipping process. With Infor, on-time delivery can be better handled as it simplifies complex procedures and projects.Infor Cloud ERP optimizes contracts by adhering to Cost Accounting Standards and global trade compliance. By enhancing the international shipping routes and improving the transparency of inventory on the move, Infor not only leverages the shipping process but also shows a better outcome of the S&OP process. 

Inventory Management

One of the foremost factors of your business, Infor Cloud ERP looks into efficient management of inventory. Not only does it provide an overview of your inventory, but it also notifies you whenever any deviation in demand or supply is sensed. With the automation of planning, forecasting, and assortment, an otherwise hectic management becomes easier. Infor solutions enable attribute level demand prediction, allowing efficient forecast of any potential demand at individual SKU level. The supply chain transparency facilitates balance in stock building and securing the availability of products that have limited shelf-life. Configurable and mobile solutions of Infor eases warehouse management, also procuring an understanding of purchasing and distribution costs. Infor Cloud ERP gives room for assessing MRO capabilities to ensure maintenance, repair, and operations of equipment and products. By adhering to First Article Inspection and Certificates of Conformity, Infor solutions give a detailed review of quality management. A single application enables multisite, multi-logistics inventory planning, along with warehouse and fulfillment management.

Order Submission

With Infor Cloud ERP, you can accumulate purchase orders of various projects, while also ensuring compliance with project deliverables. The automation of vendor rebate tracking that it facilitates, reduces operational complexities. Furthermore, its solutions ease the process of RFQ evaluation and exchange of data by leveraging Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).  achieve operational excellence with cloud ERP Integrating your eCommerce platform with Infor guarantees a perfect shopping experience for your customers across numerous sales channels. A faultless order submission process comes in handy through its self-service portal, mobile counter, and showroom order entry. Since Infor Cloud ERP supports responsive web design, order processing can be carried out irrespective of the devices.  

Payment Validation

The Infor CIS billing solution simplifies the meter-to-cash billing process. The embedded GRC control identifies the segregation of duties, preventing any possible fraudulent transaction. In the hospitality industry, Infor Cloud ERP supports EMV chip technology and mobile payments, promising security and integrity of data.Along with the usual cloud security updates through SaaS, Infor assures PCI PA-DSS compliance, while also securing Points of Sale (POS). Its solutions allow all the transactions to be processed through point-to-point encryption, strengthening transaction security. Infor Cloud ERP aids payment validationAdditionally, through the Infor SunSystems, you can gain insight into financial and payment aspects that complies with GAAP and IFRS standards, while also reassigning ledger data to maintain intercompany account balances. Its source-to-settle solution will give you a broader framework in matters relating to expenditure or cost reduction.  

A Seamless Integration Solution at Your Doorstep

An uncomplicated integration solution cannot be overlooked in B2B operations, which will further be eased by a middleware. With Cloras, the eCommerce integration middleware developed by DCKAP, numerous eCommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and SAP Commerce Cloud can be efficiently connected with Infor Cloud ERP. The bidirectional integration that Cloras facilitates, results in the effortless transfer of data between Infor ERP integrations and your eCommerce platform. You can integrate Infor ERP with countless leading applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce, HubSpot, CRM systems, and other third-party software through pre-built connectors of Cloras. Infor ERP integration can be executed through a simple pseudo-code based interface.From providing advanced mapping and modifiers to precise reports and analytics, Cloras bridges the gap between Infor ERP, leading applications that you have employed, and your eCommerce platform. Moreover, in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Cloras takes up extensive security measures to protect your business data and transactions. We, at DCKAP, offer a coherent connection between your integration solutions and eCommerce platforms. The exceptional expertise of our in-house developers serves to curate an online storefront on the perfect eCommerce platform that would meet all your needs. With the ideal middleware solution enhancing the interaction, optimizing your eCommerce operations will be easier than never before, aiding you to scale up the ladder of profitability.