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B2B and B2C Product Customizations in Magento

January 5, 2015 |

Customization is endless with Magento 2. Migrate to the latest version of Magneto and reap its benefits. Know more.

Providing customized products for each customer requirement was often neglected by companies up until Dell created a revolution with their mass customization strategy. Dell provided their customers the ability to customize their PC’s as per their requirements and the results where phenomenal. The success of Dell’s mass customization strategy is now emphasized by eCommerce retailers to ensure that almost every custom feature is fulfilled.

In eCommerce, Amazon began this customization trend with their Print on Demand service.  Other retailers, especially in Fashion and Apparel segments, have latched on this strategy to create customized products. While these are B2C segments, product customizations have been a popular concept in the B2B segment as well.

Let’s have a look at one of our customer success stories in Magento Product Customizations in a B2B Healthcare Segment. PDC is an industry leader in manufacturing superior identification solutions for the safe and efficient management of patients. Since each and every healthcare partner has a different requirement with respect to wristbands, we developed a custom module in Magento which allows the users to customize the wristbands according to their requirements.

magento product customization



The first step is to analyze the past purchase patterns, customer requirements, feedback, and competitors to come up with a basic idea behind these customizations. The insight gained by crunching this data provides the attributes which needs to be customized. Based on our findings, the product customization module was then developed in Magento.

In our case we identified the type of wrist bands that needs to be customized along with the attributes. The attributes vary from product to product for example the attributes can be color, fonts, imprint area, wristband type, text, logo, QRCode, barcode and many more.

Design & Development

In the design & development phase, the exact attributes are designed and developed to satisfy every requirement of the customer.  Performance is analyzed and benchmarked to ensure these customizations do not affect the overall user experience.


Every wristband has been carefully customized so that none of the design looks blurry or out of frame. The customizable attributes including color, text, logos, barcodes, QRCode need to be placed in their exact location to create a customized product. Based on the attributes and the customizations the final price varies. Since these customizations are done in a large scale in a B2B business scenario the lead time is also calculated based on the type of the wrist-band and the degree of customization.

magento product customization

In product customizations, customer can come up with numerous combinations of the product attributes. An efficient QA process validates every permutation and combination and ensures a consistent user experience.

There is a famous Quote by Henry Ford on Model T that “People can have the Model T in any color, as long as it’s BLACK”. The world has moved from industrial mass production to an era of mass customizations. Now every choice and requirement of a customer is of paramount importance and implementing these product customizations in your Magento eCommerce store will empower customers to build their own products.


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