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DCKAP Integrator bags premium usability of the year 2019 award

By |April 25, 2019 May 6th, 2022No Comments

DCKAP Integrator bags Premium Usability and Rising Star 2019 Awards

The team behind DCKAP Integrator is sincerely humbled to receive some glowing remarks from the software review site, FinancesOnline after they conducted a comprehensive analysis and research on our automated middleware system. But, what thrilled us the most are the two accolades presented by their analysts: Premium Usability for 2019 and Rising Star for 2019.

In evaluating DCKAP Integrator for the industry awards, FinancesOnline compared and contrasted us against other eCommerce software systems. According to their experts, the ease of use and intuitive software design are some of the main elements that set us apart from the other business solutions, a factor that paved the way for us to be distinguished with the Premium Usability award. This can be attributed to the way our system seamlessly automates ERP and eCommerce integrations to accelerate one’s operations.

FinancesOnline also highlighted the other functionalities and benefits for using our system, all of which are available under a simple pay-as-you-go DCKAP Integrator pricing option. These include:

  • DCKAP Integrator’ simple three-step set up process,
  • Integrations that handle all the complicated grunt work,
  • “Industry-grade” security to ensure that all the data are kept safe, and
  • Seamless synchronization of data.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with DCKAP Integrator today and elevate your business to new heights. You can also visit FinancesOnline to understand further about what eCommerce software is? See how DCKAP Integrator stacks up against its competitors, and post your user review about our eCommerce solution.


Author Iyappan

Iyappan is a Certified Magento Developer Plus Technical Architect at DCKAP. He is passionate about Magento. He is the 'go-to' guy for all our Magento needs. A cool-headed, hands-on veteran of many end-to-end implementations.

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