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Payment Performance Insights for your Shopify and Magento Stores

Hari Prasad
September 30, 2021 |
payment performance insights


Payment performance insights provides detailed information of all the payment transactions of your store like different payment types and payment methods used in transactions. Let us see how vizB helps in providing these insights through analytics data.

Here the total value represents the total amount of the payment transactions for the orders placed, the total transaction represents the number of transactions, the refund value represents the refund amount of the total transaction and finally, by subtracting the refund value from the total value we get the total revenue generated.

Payment Report

The payment report gives the payment details of your store’s orders from which you can filter the refund payments and make decisions to reduce your store’s refund transactions.

In the payment report you can find the columns with the order created at the date, order id, customer’s email id, payment gateway used for the transaction, transaction status, quantity ordered, quantity refunded, the amount paid by the customer, and finally the amount refunded to the customer.

Amount Trend

Amount trend shows the bar graphs with the values of the amount paid by the customers and the amount refunded to the customers over the time period by a month-wise comparison of paid and refunded amount.

Transaction value by payment method shows the pie chart with the total amount paid by the customers through each payment gateway, in the above image we can see that authorize_net payment gateway has the highest transaction value.


Hence this blog covers how vizB helps in providing payment transaction performance insights and helps in monitoring your transactions.

Hari Prasad

Hari Prasad, an AI Engineer at DCKAP and a machine learning enthusiast passionate about cutting-edge technology, always curious about learning new tools, likes to participate in hackathons and to solve real-world problems.

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