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Measure Magento Block Speed with Speed Analyser Extension

By |January 9, 2015 November 4th, 2022No Comments

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We at DCKAP are happy to announce the release of a free Magento extension “Speed Analyser” which helps developers to analyse the speed of every Magento block.

Speed Analyzer which is currently available for the community edition, helps Magento developers in:

  1. Analyzing the speed of every block in the Magento Page.
  2. Tracking down the block which consumes more time.
  3. Understanding the time taken for every block to load.

Based on these data, developers can identify, track and optimize the relevant block that consumes the major bandwidth. Though we have Magento Profiler for this task, it is not easy to find the block and the template path. Speed analyzer makes the job easier by depicting the load time and count across each block with its respective template path and class name.

Magento profiler

Every time there is a new change or a fix done in the Magento code, the developer can activate this extension and analyze the speed to ensure none of the new changes have resulted in a performance degrade. A must have tool for any developer in creating high performance Magento Ecommerce portals.

We will be happy to hear from you.  Please install and let us know your feedback. We are offering free support for the next few weeks.  In case of any queries, drop us a line at


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