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Top 5 Magento eCommerce Development Trends

Sreedevi R
October 28, 2020 |

Overwhelmed with the ever-changing dynamics of eCommerce? With revenue from B2B eCommerce all set to hit $1.2 trillion in 2021, these evolving trends are not going to abate soon. Keeping your Magento store ready to emerge a winner from this whirlpool of eCommerce trends is unquestioningly the need of the hour. To hit the right chord with your customers, digging deep into the innovations not only becomes your necessity but also becomes your anchor for scalability. 

As vital as ever, catching up with the emerging advancements is also a matter of visibility and brand reputation. So before you march on, here are two basic thoughts to ponder over-

  • What exactly are those Magento eCommerce development trends that you have to deal with?
  • How will Magento 2 equip you with the survival tactics?

To reach the answers, do read on..

Watch Out For the Five Magento eCommerce Development Trends

#1 Live Streaming

Live streaming is the recent head-turner in the marketing strategies. Thriving on the impact of audiovisuals, Magento 2 is incorporating the new trend to demonstrate your product through live broadcast on your website or social media. The reason for this shift is mainly the COVID-19 crisis that has pushed the need for sustaining your interaction with your customers. With video marketing increasing traffic for 87% of the eCommerce websites, adding live videos to your Magento store will direct more attention and engagement as audiovisuals bring in more clarity to what you offer. You can direct potential customers from social media platforms to your eCommerce website. By communicating in real-time, customers feel a sense of inclusivity since their queries can be heard and answered. Since live streaming has higher viewer retention rates, the medium can be used for spreading brand awareness, announcements, and important messages. By 2021, video traffic is expected to reach 80% of the total consumer internet traffic, making it detrimental to ignore its influence among your customers. 

#2 Personalization

With Forbes stating that 91% of the customers favor recommendations and offers, personalization becomes the key for customer retention. The in-built features of Magento 2 eases customer segmentation and personalization. With the innovative technologies of Chatbot and AI, your Magento store can offer products based on the preferences of your customers.Personalization ensures customer retentionProviding sales announcements, discount codes, and messages can be better executed through personalized sales. Keeping up with this trend is easier through your Magento store as its customer segmentation feature helps you to build dynamic segments for your customer base by assessing their purchase behavior. Displaying personalized content like shopping cart price rules, banners, and related products can further strengthen your customer base. Securing online and offline data in real time to develop comprehensive customer profiles is facilitated through omnichannel personalization across all touchpoints. You can allow customers to resume their shopping expedition from where they had left off. The technological advancement of AI enables this trend of eCommerce personalization to gain strongholds with customers’ increasing need for dynamic pricing as their shopping history can be easily accessed. This also increases scope for retargeting solutions, leading to the generation of customer-preferred ads.

#3 Push Notifications

With the push notifications enjoying a 90% higher opening rate, you cannot undermine the power push notifications have in attracting your customers to your eCommerce website. Notifying your customers about your offers, discounts, and promotions becomes easier by sending out simple push notifications.You can also constantly provide timely updates, securing a good communication with your customer base. To keep up with the current trend, Magento 2 offers various push notification extensions that can sustain your visibility. Dealing with cart abandonment is one of the challenging eCommerce areas. With push notifications flying in, customers are constantly reminded about them, pulling them back to your online store.  push notification grabs more attentionAnother reason to follow this trend is the space for direct interaction that it offers. You can communicate with your customers even when they are not on your website, and they don’t even need to open their mailbox to see your message. So there is no chance of your message being missed. This is especially beneficial if you are offering any limited period offers. Moreover, personalizing the content for push notifications shows an increase in open rates by 4 times. Not only is push notification cost-effective, it also eases customer engagement since they are more likely to read short and crisp messages than long emails.

#4 Voice Search

Voice-enabled searches take eCommerce a step forward in easing the shopping experience. With The Union Journal pointing out that revenue generated from voice commerce sales is expected to reach $40 billion by 2022, this new eCommerce trend is here to stay. So you cannot shut your eyes from leveraging your content for voice search.  As per the guidelines of Google, textual content should be incorporated for voice search content so that they can appear in knowledge graphs and rich snippets. Classifying products with voice activation is necessary to delve into voice search. To implement the right search strategy, you need to start treating search queries as conversations.Since voice search mostly deals with answering the customer’s search questions, developing your content that strikes a conversational style is highly recommended. Keeping in mind this linguistic pattern, using long tail keywords can be of help. Along with keywords, you can also use trigger words in such cases.Maintaining a well-structured FAQ page becomes effective for voice searches. You can efficiently list out all the probable questions that your customer may ask. Thus, through the voice search, when a customer asks a search query that is even slightly related to the ones in your FAQ page, chances are high for your page to be tracked down by the search engine. 

#5 Chatbot

Coupled with Artificial Intelligence, chatbots are grabbing the eyeballs. By solving customer’s queries, chatbots can also influence their purchasing decisions giving an insight on discount codes. Additionally, with the advancements in AI, chatbots can predict future purchases of your customers as they can assess the shopping behavior by accessing purchase history. Apart from the voice and text, chatbots also display good quality product images, tutorial videos, relevant web pages, and blogs. chatbot is one of the new Magento eCommerce development trendsThe APIs also enable machines to interact with your customers through Natural Language Processing. Upselling or cross-selling becomes more concrete as chatbots store the order history, also facilitating product recommendations. By integrating chatbots with your eCommerce website, placing the order can be done efficiently from the messenger itself, taking customer service to a whole new level.  Since 83% of your customers require assistance to carry forward their purchase, what more do you need to provide them with than an ever-friendly chatbot! If your customers have any problems in finding adequate information, chatbots can solve all the issues. They can even go a step further by asking questions to the customers to understand the speed breaks in their shopping spree. 

Take the Plunge With Magento 2

To reap the benefits of all the current and potential trends, you need to host your online storefront on the perfect eCommerce platform. With these in-built features of Magento 2, your eCommerce website can always be on the radar:

1. Marketing Tools  

The marketing menu of the admin panel in Magento 2 can put your marketing strategies to work efficiently by overseeing communication, user-generated content, and promotions. You can work on cart and catalog price rules simultaneously, offering discounts once the specified conditions are met. With the Magento Commerce edition, you can optimize your customer base by offering private sales and catalog events. They allow you to carry out limited-time sales, while also limiting sales to a particular group of members, increasing the scope for personalized sales. Magento 2 lets you customize emails and notifications that can be sent from your eCommerce website. The marketing feature of Magento 2 facilitates curating promotions depending on customer’s preferences, location, gender, browsing history, and many more. You can also create newsletter templates for any of your requirements and the Newsletter Queue option manages its sending to different customers. Through the drag-and-drop feature of Magento, you can either manually or automatically categorize and arrange best-selling products and new arrivals. Additionally, Magento 2 gives you the provision of deciding whether only the registered customers can post reviews or you want to extend it to guest customers as well. 

2. Responsive Web Design

The responsive web design enables frictionless access to your eCommerce store across various devices ranging from desktops to mobile devices. Enabled by CSS and JavaScript, Magento Blank and Luma themes adopt mobile-first approach, improving your SEO ranking as Google pays more attention to mobile site version. Since Magento 2 is designed specifically catering to responsiveness, the UI will easily adapt to any device. Going by the mobile-first approach, its themes are suited for all sizes and resolutions. Not only do these themes enhance responsiveness, they also include mobile-specific features. responsive web design is imperative in eCommerceAs your Magento store uses the same URL in all devices, SEO ranking will improve when your customers share your eCommerce website. This feature also makes it easier for the search engines to crawl, index, and organize your web content. Since 57% of customers are unlikely to recommend an online store that is not mobile-friendly, you cannot let go of a responsive web design. With reduced development costs, responsive web designing becomes more feasible while attaining greater versatility than maintaining a separate website version accessible to mobile users. The standardized testing methodologies adopted by responsive design also facilitates timely glance into the optimal functioning of the layout across all channels. 

3. Innovative Technology

The commerce edition of Magento 2 offers product recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei that employs machine learning technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can now display automated and intelligent product recommendations on your website. Unlike the traditional searching process that uses the keywords, AI includes context-based search. Through NLP, meaning of the keywords can be understood better, thereby showing only relevant and accurate search results to customers. By analyzing the demographics and shopping history, AI creates predictive models. Magento 2 employs them to understand the target base to develop better marketing strategies.innovative technology improves shopping experiencePowered by AI, the image recognition algorithm enables visual search, which is more convenient to customers shopping from mobile devices. Using this feature, the customer can easily upload an image into the search bar and after identifying it, your eCommerce website will be equipped to display similar or related products within no time.The predefined scripts employed by AI aids in responding to customer grievances or any purchase-related problems in a much quicker pace. Apart from customer services, AI and machine learning enabled by Magento 2 strengthens the security of your eCommerce website by linking machine learning and security standards. Through behavioral analysis of AI, the system can spot false positives so that you can act upon them. 

4. Elasticsearch 

With the increasing convenience and dynamic trends the customers are exposed to, they expect a smooth journey across your online storefront. Magento 2.4 employs the server-based tool, Elasticsearch 7.6, as its default catalog search engine that facilitates full-text search at a faster rate. This quick speed is brought about by the indexing service that favors contextual search. A few of the features that Magento 2 offers through Elasticsearch are:

  • Search autocomplete
  • Favors searches in multiple languages 
  • Supports synonyms
  • Stop words detection

By sorting dates and numbers at an enhanced pace, Elasticsearch 7.6 proves to be faster than its previous versions. Furthermore, your customers will not face any disturbance when Elasticsearch re-indexes. It can be effectively run on any system and in clusters that have numerous nodes. Maintaining your online storefront to be on point with the Magento eCommerce development trends can be your lifesaver in a highly competitive market. Look for the right eCommerce website development agency that can help you curate your perfect Magento storefront.

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Sreedevi R

Sreedevi R is a content writer at DCKAP. Being an eCommerce enthusiast, she has a keen interest in exploring the dynamics of digital commerce and aspires to bring them to light through her words. She is in a constant sprint for expanding her knowledge base in eCommerce and looks forward to polishing the craft of writing. A cinephile as always, you can find her engrossed in watching movies during her free time.

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