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Wearable Technology – The Next Big Phenomenon

February 13, 2014 |
wearable technology

Smart phones, Tablets, Phablets are a thing of the past, the world is moving closer to a technology that is more closer to humans in their dress, in their glasses, in their watches and maybe someday inside their bodies. Wearable Tech has found a lot of traction in the tech world after the introduction of Apple’s iWatch and Google’s experiment with Glass. Let’s have a look at a few of those latest trends in wearable technology.


One industry where wearable tech is making serious inroads is in the Healthcare Segment. Wearable Sensors like Metria Sensor technology has provided a huge leap in terms of patient monitoring process and in disease prevention. This technology is poised to make a few path breaking advances in Patient Diagnostics and in Remote Patient Monitoring Systems.

Sports and Fitness

Wearable Technology has already announced its arrival in the fitness category with Nike + Fuel bands which tracks the complete day to day activities and measures it. Looking at the success of this product many other companies have began to unveil their concept products in this category.

In Cricket a concept paper has been presented to the International Cricket Council, on the use of wearable sensors to identify bowlers who chuck in a match.

While wearable tech is planned to catch illegal moves in cricket in basket ball it’s being used as coaching tool. Vibrado, a California based firm has developed a wearable sleeve with accelerometers on the bicep, forearm and hand. These sensors track the arm movements of the players, identify their mistakes and help them in perfecting their arm movements.

Books and Publishing

Books with motion sensors are going to revolutionize the way we read a book. MIT media lab has come out with a project Sensory Fiction which induces emotions as per the words and images in the book.

Wearable tech has found its way to the CMS publishing as well, Weber Shandwick a PR agency has launched wpForGlass, a WordPress plug-in that helps in publishing content right from the GoogleGlass.

And Google Glass

We can never ever discount Google Glass with respect to Wearable Technology. The applications of Google Glass span across industries and is currently experimented in a variety of projects from New York Police department to Checking in Passengers in Virgin Atlantic. Many experts believe the potential of Google Glass is far more than what it is now.

While we get excited about this path breaking technology, on the other hand, these wearable technologies have irked few too. Many old timers believe these kinds of technologies will make the human race more dependent on machines and some have raised a few privacy concerns as well. What we should understand is that any technology, be it radio or television or computers, during its inception stage had its share of negative feedback. If the benefits outperform the negative aspects, the consumers would love to embrace any technology which will make their life better.

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