Epicor Prophet 21 Integration

Connect and synchronize your Epicor P21 ERP with any application

Connect Your P21 ERP

Prophet 21 is great! Make it exceptional by integrating it using Cloras.

P21 is a fit-for-purpose distribution ERP for wholesale distributors. Leverage P21 integration to make sure your investment on P21 delivers the maximum possible returns.

Cloras – Integrating P21 with eCommerce

Connect your online store with backend applications and ensure real-time synchronization. Pre-built connectors or custom connections for P21 integration with leading eCommerce platforms.

eCommerce P21 integration

Cloras – Integrating P21 with CRM

Make the job easier for sales and marketing teams by synchronizing key customer data, sales pipeline data, as well as orders and transactions.

CRM integration

Cloras – Integrating P21 with SCM

Smarten your logistics planning, demand & production management, supplier management, and any other supply chain operation by having your ERP with SCM software connected and talking.

SCM integration

Cloras – Integrating P21 with Marketplace

CLORAS is the perfect integration platform for setting up and maintaining your P21 Integration with leading eCommerce marketplace applications like Amazon, eBay & Walmart.

marketplace integration

Cloras – Integrating P21 with Third Party Tools

There may be other key software you must use for performing your business functions. CLORAS can connect your P21 with any of them using the software’s native API or CLORAS custom made API for the software if needed.

third party integration

Key Prophet 21 Data Points to Integrate

CLORAS not only maps the below mentioned key data points but also synchronizes any critical data point between P21 ERP and applications.

Customer Data Synchronization

  • Customer data update
  • Shipping and billing addresses

Real Time Inventory Synchronization

  • Item availability
  • Stock quantity

SKU Synchronization

  • All product details
  • All pricing details

Pricing Synchronization

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Library pricing
  • Invoice details

Order Synchronization

  • Offline user and guest orders
  • Real-time order status

Delivery Data Synchronization

  • Shipment details
  • Returned orders

Why Cloras, for your P21 Integration?

pre built connector

Pre-Built Connectors

Cloras offers connectors to integrate your P21 ERP with any other application.


Multi Platform Integration

Connect any number of applications using sophisticated pipe builders and flow designers.


Cutting Edge User Interface

CLORAS integration platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop feature and minimal coding effort.

flow designer

Flow Designer

An easy pseudo-code based interface for setting up and deploying your P21 integrations.

advanced mapping and modifiers

Advanced Mapping & Modifiers

A comprehensive module to set up complex data transfer and fields connection logic in no time.

reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

A complete tool to measure and analyze the number of transactions, successful and failed ones, as well as comparison graphs.

detailed logger

Detailed Logger

Track every data transfer coupled with step-by-step debugging in case of failed transactions.

flexible scheduler

Flexible Scheduler

Schedule the timing & frequency for your systems to communicate or set it up to synchronize data real time.

secure platform

Completely Secure Platform

CLORAS – A GDPR compliant platform ensures complete security of your data through encrypted transactions and SSL certifications.

Integrating your Epicor Prophet 21 now made easy

CLORAS integrates your Epicor P21 ERP with eCommerce platforms, eCommerce marketplaces,
CRMs, and any other third party applications.

“Cloras bridges our Prophet 21 data and our e-commerce webstore. In the background, Cloras is giving our customers a way to view inventory levels and current pricing, thereby saving time and improving order accuracy.”

Christa ShoukryVice President at Manufactured Duct & Supply

Custom API for P21 Integration

Do you have complex business logic with respect to integrating your P21 ERP with other business systems? The native API provided for Epicor P21 Integration is limited in terms of maximum allowable API calls per day, data transfer limits to P21, and more.

Don’t worry! CLORAS provides its own custom API for P21 Integration which doesn’t have any limitation for connecting with P21 ERP.

Native P21 API vs CLORAS P21 API
custom api for p21

Epicor Prophet 21 customers
solving their integration challenges through Cloras

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