Integration Solutions

Connect your business applications and automate your operations using
CLORAS pre-built connectors and custom APIs.

How We Specialize?


Multi-Platform Integrations

A single dashboard that helps integrate any number of business applications with each other.


Tailor Made Solutions

Implement any degree of complex business logic in the way the applications should communicate and transfer data.


Custom API

Leverage our custom-made application APIs that are fully flexible, scalable and customizable to connect with the application without any limitation.

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Unparalleled Support

Enjoy 24*7 support from our integration experts for complete integration setup and maintenance, right from your first contact till you are using CLORAS.

CLORAS - Integration Solution Specialists

Using CLORAS, you can integrate with the business system (including database). CLORAS provides integration for market-leading enterprise software in ERP, Ecommerce, CRM arena, and much more.

ERP Integration

  • Synchronize all key data with ERP
  • Streamline your supply chain
  • No developer support needed
  • Advanced Mapping & Modifiers

eCommerce Integration

  • Real Time Integration with backend applications
  • Omni channel orders and customers
  • Supports integration for leading eCommerce platforms

CRM Integration

  • Customer Data Synchronization
  • treamlining sales process
  • Secure transactions
  • Accelerated Pipeline Conversions

CLORAS Connectors

Connect your business platforms with each other and keep them in sync.

Magento + P21 Connector

  • Quick Order
  • Request a Quote
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Credit Purchase

BigCommerce + P21 Connector

  • Purchase Order
  • Tax Exemption
  • Inventory Management
  • Returns Processing


Features CLORAS Custom API ECC (Native P21 API)
Supported eCommerce Platforms Any eCommerce Platform Magento
Passing Payment Related Information to P21
UI Based Scheduling
Data Queuing
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When & Why do you need a custom Cloras API for your Integration?

In certain scenarios, the native API of the application you want to integrate will be having certain limitations, such as maximum allowable data transfer per API call, maximum allowable API calls, permissible data formats and types, to name a few. If the complexity of your integration requirement exceeds the capability of the platform native API(s), CLORAS develops a separate custom API for the application that is fully flexible and customizable business needs.

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