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All-in-one Epicor Eclipse Integration

Epicor Eclipse elevates distribution management. Integrating Epicor Eclipse into your eCommerce, CRM, PIM, SCM, and third-party software with DCKAP Integrator will activate your system’s full potential.

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Connect your Systems to Epicor Eclipse with Simple Integration

It’s simple to get Epicor Eclipse talking to your other systems with DCKAP Integrator. Realize efficiency and profitability today with ERP integration.

Regency Lighting integrated workflows to ensure all data is synced throughout the system from a single interface.

When you pass data between tools, manually enter it or transfer data between spreadsheets, it’s inefficient. DKCAP Integrator simplifies eCommerce for distributors and helps their businesses grow.

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Maximize ROI and Unlock Epicor Eclipse’s Full Potential with DCKAP Integrator

DCKAP Integrator provides hassle-free ERP integration. Take your distribution management to the next level by integrating Epicor Eclipse with:

  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • SCM
  • Pricing, SKUs and procurement
  • Marketplaces
  • Marketing channels
  • Third-party software

Pre-Built Connectors

Integrate your Epicor Eclipse ERP with any other application using DCKAP Integrator’s pre-built connectors.

Hybrid Integration Platform

Eliminate the silos and connect multiple applications whether they are embedded, on-premise, on cloud or hybrid.

Cutting-Edge User Interface

Non-technical users enjoy the simple interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and other features of DCKAP Integrator.

Flow Designer

DCKAP Integrator’s flow designer takes the trouble out of setting up and deploying Epicor Eclipse integrations.

Advanced Mapping & Modifers

Even complex data transfer and field connection logic are no issues for DCKAP Integrator.

Reporting & Analytics

Cultivate robust analytics, sales forecasts and data-driven results with DCKAP Integrator with an interactive, user-friendly dashboard.

Detailed Logger

DCKAP Integrator tracks every data transfer and, in the case of failed transactions, walks you through debugging.

Flexible Scheduler

You decide when and how often your systems communicate with Epicor Eclipse, whether that’s a set schedule or real-time.

Completely Secure Platform

Thanks to SSL certifications and encrypted transactions, you’ll have no security worries with DCKAP Integrator.


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