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Regency Lighting

Regency Lighting

Single interface for multiple Magento eCommerce channels

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Chatsworth, CA, United States



Electrical and Electronics Distribution


eCommerce Platform

Magento 1 & 2




Magento, and Epicor Eclipse

About Regency Lighting

Regency Lighting is a full-service lighting distributor in the US. With 40+ years in business and extensive partnerships, they provide clients with the best commercial lighting products for various industries such as construction, interior design, product designing, electrical and electronic equipment industry, and so on. The company manages two eCommerce sites with over 40,000 product SKUs and is headquartered in Chatsworth with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco.

Business Requirements

Regency Lighting had its store built and hosted on the Magento platform. Initially, they were using SAP ECC and later shifted to Epicor Eclipse as their ERP for backend processing and smooth functioning of the systems. Now that they are moving to Magento 2, they wanted to connect their backend systems to achieve a smooth workflow without any hassles in the process of doing so. They got in touch with Cloras to connect their critical data points to get maximum efficiency that benefits all – customers and employees.

And Regency Lighting faced issues when they had to manage multiple Magento stores using the Magento backend environment. Manually searching and editing a product in the Magento backend was becoming repetitive and time-consuming. Making bulk edits was not an option because of the unavailability of filtering options. Manual processes led to errors and there was no system in place to identify any of them.

Epicor Eclipse Integration using DCKAP Integrator

Below are the workflows we integrated into a single framework to provide a single version of the truth, and to ensure all the data when entered into space is updated at all the data points that are influential in the running of the organization’s commerce.

  1. Customer Sync: Epicor Eclipse > Magento 2
  2. Product Sync: Epicor Eclipse <> Magento 2
  3. Inventory Sync: Epicor Eclipse > Magento 2
  4. Order Sync: Magento > Epicor Eclipse
  5. Offline Orders Sync: Epicor Eclipse > Magento 2
  6. Pricing Sync: Epicor Eclipse > Magento 2
  7. Dynamic Pricing Sync: Epicor Eclipse > Magento 2

Whether it’s transferring data from one spreadsheet to another, passing data between tools, or manually entering data into a database, it still puts a wrench in many people’s workdays. Now that all the key data points are connected for sending data to and fro without missing a beat, the team at Regency Lighting can free up time and resources to shift the focus on revenue. This will allow more help to grow business goals over time.

DCKAP PIM Integration

Regency Lighting now maintains Magento 1 and Magento 2 store products from a single interface in flexiPIM. They can now easily track down products, based on attributes.

They use filters to search for products and make edits to them at once using flexiPIM’s bulk-editing capabilities. Product edits and data quality are automated using flexiPIM rules that include condition-based actions as attributes, categories, or any other dynamic characteristic changes. Imports are made simple and any exceptions in data quality are spotted upfront thus saving time and money.

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