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A Night of Celebration at Round Up 2023 in Dallas

Catherine Sulskis
September 5, 2023 |
Round-Up 2023

In light of our long standing partnership with the Prophet 21 WorldWide User Group, we held this year’s annual DCKAP Round Up gathering on August 22, 2023 following the end of the P21WWUG Connect event, in order to welcome our partners, the P21 users and the distribution community to celebrate the end of the day in style. 

And what better place to have an iconic evening than the nearby Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas? With all the fabulous food, delicious drinks, engaging sessions and conversations, heartfelt awards, and tons of scavenging fun, it was an event unlike any other as we proudly celebrated our beloved community and all the people who continue to inspire us.

In fact, it was so much fun, we’re doing it all again next year! P21WWUG Connect 2024 will be held in Chicago, Illinois, and we’ll be there once again to help add a special closing ceremony to the renowned user group event for another DCKAP Round Up on August 27, 2024.

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Read on to hear about some of the amazing insights, conversations, and networking from the celebratory evening in Dallas, and a sneak peak into everything that happened at this standout event that every P21 user and distributor should bookmark on their calendars.

The evening began with our guests riding up to the fourth floor of the museum, with the unique opportunity to wander the halls of prehistoric times. Surrounded by the remnants of great dinosaurs, each of the attendees ate, drank, laughed, and socialized until their heart’s content. 

Then, it was time to head down to the beautiful Gems & Mineral Hall on the third floor of the museum where we offered some quick company updates to the crowd and engaged with our special guests in some standout conversations. 

Our great host, Scrum Master at DCKAP, Carrington Brown, started things off by hyping up the crowd as they settled in their seats. There would be some amazing sessions to enjoy, with lots to learn from our experts, and then plenty more fun would be to come.

Carrington Brown
Scrum Master at DCKAP

This was our agenda for the evening:

7:30 pm to 8:00 pm Welcoming, Company & Product Updates

Karthik Chidambaram
– Founder & CEO of DCKAP

Karthik began by offering insight into the humble beginnings of DCKAP, and how our journey has led to where we are today: simplifying commerce for distributors. Our primary product offering is DCKAP Integrator, an ERP Integration platform that integrates ERPs with eCommerce platforms, and much more. Aaron Pallares was invited up next to talk more about how this product is supporting our clients on their journey to finding greater success online.

Aaron Pallares
– Customer Success Manager at DCKAP

For any product or service a company rolls out, you need to ensure it is quality checked. Bhavani R came on next, to talk more about how DCKAP’s Quality Assurance Product and Test Case Management System, QA Touch, helps to improves testing efficiency and increase the quality of deliverables.

Bhavani Ramasubbu
– Product Manager, QA Touch at DCKAP

DCKAP started as a service-based company before transitioning to one that builds products and focuses on technology for distributors. The question was – what do we do with the wonderful Services business we have built? How do we take care of our customers? The decision was to spin off our Services into a separate brand, called Klizer.

Mohan Natarajan came on to talk about how Klizer adds unique and significant value to customers looking for digital transformation and an improved online presence.

Mohan Natarajan
– Services Practice Leader at Klizer

8:00 pm to 8:20 pm Panel DiscussionHow to Optimize Ecommerce: A Distributor’s Point of View

Daniel Josephs
– Executive Vice President & COO at Spruce Industries

Jenny Sagan
– Office Manager at Koehler Rubber & Supply

Moderated by:

Mohammed Anees
– Product Manager at DCKAP

Hearing directly from our clients at Spruce Industries and Koehler Rubber & Supply offered the audience a relatable perspective on the challenges of digital transformation and growing commerce for distributors. From the experience of being an e-commerce distributor as well as selling through traditional distribution channels, to the essential building blocks that distributors should focus on, this conversation helped to elaborate on the importance of focusing on future growth through e-commerce and how to successfully achieve it.

8:20 pm to 8:50 pm Panel Discussion – Navigating the Current Landscape of Distribution

Lisa Pope
– President at Epicor

Rajeev Rai
– EVP & Chief Technology Officer at SRS

Moderated by:

Karthik Chidambaram
– Founder & CEO of DCKAP

This panel discussion was a highlight of the evening. Having the perspective of these top leaders, Lisa Pope from Epicor and Rajeev Rai from SRS Distribution, offered an insider’s view into the kind of strategy and forward thinking that ultimately leads to success. From acquisitions and managing capital, to the importance of an ERP system and utilizing it to the fullest extent, there was much to be learned from their candid and in-depth conversation.

8:50 pm to 9:00 pm Awards Ceremony

Catherine Sulskis
– Partner Manager at DCKAP

Building an ecosystem is a central tenet to what DCKAP does, and we’re very proud of those who have become a central part of our DCKAP community. That’s why, before ending the evening, we took some time to celebrate a few of our most supportive and successful partners whom we greatly admire for their graciousness and their motivational spirit. Congratulations to our winners!

Winner of the “Digital Pioneer” Award – Spruce Industries. Accepted by Daniel Josephs, Executive Vice President & COO.

Winner of the “Digital Innovation” Award – SRS Distribution. Accepted by Rajeev Rai, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, and the SRS team.

Winner of the “DCKAP Ambassador” Award – Estes Group. Accepted by Brad Feakes, President.

After the awards ceremony, we all rounded up in honor of our event’s namesake for a trademark group photo of the community joining us at the event, before moving on to more networking and exploring the great interactive exhibits at the museum. 

While getting the chance to tour and explore the entire museum for the remainder of the night, we also offered our guests a fun and challenging Scavenger Hunt with prizes available for the first three winners.

Congratulations to all our winners of the scavenger hunt, and a very special congratulations again to our award winners of the evening that we’re so honored and privileged to have as a part of our community.

Finally, we would like to say “Thank You!” to everyone who joined us for this joyful evening and all who helped to make this night one of the best Round Up events that DCKAP has ever hosted. We’re looking forward to next year already, and we hope you all are too.

See you in Chicago!

Round Up 2024
Catherine Sulskis

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