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Ask vizB

Rohan Kulkarni
August 4, 2021 |
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VizB’s goal is to bring productivity and insightful information to help you and your team make data-aware decisions for businesses with zero need for code. Ask vizB is an AI-powered assistant for your business. That will assist you to obtain your sales numbers, product and customer information, and many other reports. Ask vizB builds a bridge for its users to gain analytical information with just simple queries.

Ask vizB brief 

vizB provides a range of features that help you visualize key metrics to build a deeper understanding of your Products, Customers, and Sales metrics to help you make smarter decisions such as Sales forecasting, Demand analysis, Customer Segmentation, Product Price optimization, and many more with user usability as our focus. Ask vizB is an extension to the same, with State of The Art technologies integrated and designed to be user friendly, Ask vizB can be your analytical assistant.   

No doubt that questions help build businesses, Ask vizB answers questions about your business to help you stay aware of your growth and improve the sales productivity of your business. Ask vizB is designed to infer your queries and define solutions for you.

Use cases

Ask vizB is build on state-of-the-art technologies to infer and understand your queries and work on redirecting a report for you. Below are some uses cases on how “Ask vizB” helps you construct sales information of your business.

  • What are the Total Sales? 

Total sales are also known as gross sales is the sum total of all sales revenues your business generates from its sales activities. It is important to every business and describes the unadjusted value that your business generates. by understanding the calculated value of total sales, it helps you determine your company’s net income or net profit. 

  • What are the Total sales for each product?

Sales generated by each product will help you analyze and determine products that add more to your profits, will help you understand which products are in demand and which aren’t helping you make an informed decision, and build an effective strategy for your business.

  • Who are my Customers? 

Knowing who your customers are and how valuable they are to your business, will help you and your marketing team explore possibilities to upsell and resell your products. 

  • Sales today

With Ask vizB you can ask for your daily updates such as your sales generated. You can ask for the sales generated yesterday and today to compare or can check the sales for any period you are interested in. 


Ask vizB allows you to interact with your data and build solutions for your questions. Its simple approach to usability eliminates the need for a trained expert and provides you support and solutions for your business queries.

Rohan Kulkarni

My passion to automate and build solutions on AI's ability to absorb/ interpret information dictates my work as an AI engineer. I enjoy building and experimenting with classical machine learning algorithms and deep learning models. I like reading on new tech while for fun I play CSGO and hunt for stories/ patterns in my surroundings.

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