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BigCommerce and Distribution One Integration via CLORAS

Jothibasu J
November 1, 2018 |

It’s interesting to look back at the growth of eCommerce and think forward to how much further they can grow with the advancement of topnotch eCommerce platforms. Though we are seeing a lot of commerce applications lined up in the market only very few commerce platforms come to the minds of decision makers and developers. One such platform is BigCommerce, a platform that has grown multi-fold since its inception in 2009.  

Alike other eCommerce, BigCommerce also supports API integration with third-party applications. In this blog, let us walk you through on how we integrated BigCommerce with Distribution One, a leading ERP Software for Wholesalers & Distributors.

Why Integration?

In this ever-changing world, businesses aren’t limiting themselves to a single channel, rather they wish to do multi-channel business to offer 360-degree service to their customers. In an attempt to offer 360-degree service through different channels businesses face more challenges in terms of Maintaining Data, Manual Error, Redundant Task etc., To cut down these setbacks, it’s imperative for businesses to integrate the system tightly which in turn helps them to run smooth.Here’s our home-grown solution CLORAS, a connector that handles the persisting integration problems efficiently & provides a standard solution for integration.Technico

Ways to integrate BigCommerce with the Third party

Generally, the integration of an ERP, CRM, SCM and other systems with BigCommerce happens in two ways.Web Hooks – It’s a way for an application to send information to other applications with real-time information. Consider this example, in BigCommerce if an event like Order or Customer Creation happens, webhooks will allow the developers to receive this information in real-time (meaning you get the data immediately). REST (Representational State Transfer) API – is an Application Programming Interface that allows communication between a web-based client and server that employs (REST) constraints. REST API facilitates ‘CURD’ operations like Create, Update, Read and Delete through HTTP service and using this service the data can be accessed from BigCommerce to the system.bigcommerce-one-integarationAnd, that’s how the integration of BigCommerce with Distribution One via CLORAS happens using one of the most suitable methods mentioned above. Before we get into the details, let’s understand the applications Distribution One and CLORAS.

What is Distribution One?

Distribution One is a leading provider of comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for Wholesalers & Distributors. Using Distribution One to streamline processes, automate operations, and access real-time business information anywhere, growing companies realize amazing process performance improvements almost overnight.


CLORAS – Cloud Rapid Automation System, a cloud middleware that acts as an intermediate connector, handles the data flow between multiple data points such as ERP, CRM, eCommerce, etc. It simplifies all aspects of digital commerce integrations and helps you to sell smarter, better, And faster.

How CLORAS integrates BigCommerce with Distribution One?

Whenever businesses think of integration, complexity and risk are the conjoint words daunting the minds of the developers, which eventually frustrates the decision makers in case of inaccuracies or lapses. In a way to overcome these complexities and risks, the inbuilt GUI option in CLORAS facilitates seamless integration between BigCommerce and Distribution One in a much simpler way than you can imagine. All you need to do is, enter your API credentials into CLORAS System and the following integration process happens.Bigcommerce-partners-CTA

Cloras Services

REST, one of the industry standard API feature of Cloras,  is used to integrate BigCommerce with Distribution One for bidirectional information transfer. REST API services allows syncing Customer and Order data into Distribution One. Similarly, Distribution One uses the REST API to send back the product information to create, update product pricing, inventory and more.

BigCommerce Customer with Distribution One

A Customer/Guest information will automatically be synchronized through RealTime(webhook) to Distribution One Contact, Address, etc., This event occurs whenever a fresh customer account is created in


Mapping fieldsBigCommerce Distribution One IntegrationBigCommerce Order with Distribution One

A Customer/Guest Order will automatically be synchronized through Real Time (webhook) to Distribution One Order. And, as explained earlier, this order synchronization happens whenever existing/new customer raises a new order in BigCommerce.Mapping fields.

Distribution One Products with BigCommerce

Similarly, the product create/update automatically gets synchronized with a particular time interval to BigCommerce Products.Mapping fieldsBigCommerce Distribution One Integration

Distribution One Products Price, Inventory with BigCommerce

Likewise, Products price, inventory will be automatically synchronized with a particular time interval to BigCommerce Products.Hope this blog gives you an overall insight about BigCommerce and Distribution One integration using CLORAS. Stay subscribed to get notified about other integrations.


Jothibasu J

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