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BigCommerce: Ideal for eCommerce Merchant Accounts

Snigdha C
January 20, 2021 |

All of us are aware that when it comes to eCommerce, our success is spelled by conversion. The primary behind getting the right conversions is having the support of the ideal eCommerce merchant account.

Whenever we think of the term merchant the first thing that you associate with its payment gateways. However, when it comes to e-commerce, conventional payment methods do not always work.  For instance, let’s look at what U.S consumers preferred in the last decade. Online payment methods like Visa, PayPal, Discover fell close behind. The entire ecosystem works with proper support and working of eCommerce and the many entities in it.

Understanding the term

The term merchant is quite commonly referred to as an entity in the eCommerce industry.  however, it does not mean only one thing.  an e-commerce Merchant can be an online retailer who is basically somebody who sells goods as well as services to run a business and to derive profit out of it.  On the other hand, a payment processor merchant account also and e-commerce merchant.  Both of these are very important to run the business smoothly within the ecosystem.

In this blog, we would try to look at the connection between the two. The idea is to understand how BigCommerce ends up facilitating seamless payment systems; apart from just ensuring amazing storefronts and back end management. 

Need for eCommerce merchant accounts  

The eCommerce industry has moved away from just the conventional debit and credit card transactions. As we come to the heightened complexity and the modernization of businesses, especially in regards to B2B; the need to diversify payment options is no more a luxury- it is a need. Here is why having an eCommerce merchant on your side is helpful: 

  1. It ensures a stable online business presence

    Since the start in the early 90s, online businesses have grown to unprecedented heights. Today, they are at a point where every single business you interact with has at least a basic online presence. While most businesses struggle in the process from adding to cart and then clicking on the buy now; the bounce rate on a failed payment system can also not be taken lightly.
  1. Why do multiple options for payment really matter?

    In a world, where everything is based on speed and convenience, having options to suit multiple consumer bases pretty much ends up being everything. As we look at the rising online purchases and see the growth of digital payment companies; we see a trend of offering their services for credit cards as well as payment processing for a small fee. However, when you wish to offer your consumers different options; these small fees can add up quite fast. So, when you wish to utilize an eCommerce merchant that can help regulate these costs; you are in for the right choice.

  2. No faltering the payments and enhanced security

    While both options and convenience are quite important to customers- security is actually primary. It is quite crucial that your consumers feel confident in processing the payments on your website. Without that trust, you won’t really be able to see customer retention hence harming the sales.
    As security is becoming quite an increasing factor to the consumers, eCommerce merchant accounts have shifted their focus on making services not only secure but also use quite a high-grade encryption while processing payment.

Services by eCommerce Merchants: 

While digital payments are crucial to the success of your business, this is not all that you get from an ideal eCommerce merchant. To establish a faultless equation; here are some things you can expect from partnering with an eCommerce merchant account: 

  1. Ease with payment processing

    This is definitely the most important benefit of having an eCommerce merchant on board. When you work with an eCommerce merchant account, you would easily find a way which will confidently process your payments as well as help your consumers submit on your website.
  2. Encrypted payments is another thing

    This is definitely the most important as it ensures security for you. Majority of eCommerce merchant accounts come laded with proper encryption processing. This means that both you- and your customers have nothing to lose while you make the transaction.
  3. Point of sale system

    For retailers that work in both ways- online and offline; you need to have an eCommerce merchant set for your Point of Sales system. Luckily, there are some eCommerce merchants such as Square or Stripe that have POS systems available. This helps in bringing an added point of better inventory management.

  4. The software comes with ease

    Much like the experience you give to your consumers, your experience with eCommerce merchants is equally important too. This includes being able to track the payments better, issue the refunds and then see reports from a dashboard that is easy to view for all. 

Why does BigCommerce facilitate the right payment gateways?

The reason why we think BigCommerce creates a powerful combination with eCommerce merchants is because it provides an unparalleled experience for both-user and the merchant. BigCommerce comes with 65+ payment integrations for gateways. It serves over 100 countries and supports 250 local methods of payment. They also offer integrations with the most important and popular mobile wallets- including Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and many more. Depending on your currency and store, the payment gateways available to you would be decided.
Once you choose your preferred gateway, setting it up is quite simple. Just simply enable the payment gateway and feed in your credentials. Here are some more features for eCommerce merchants provided by BigCommerce: 

  • Capture: It allows you to not only authorize transactions, without funds being withdrawn from the account of the customer unless you actually approve it. 
  • Refunds- This particular feature also allows you to process the funds from the BigCommerce control panel. Most payment gateways help you to process the refunds starting from the virtual terminal.
  • Supports multi-currency: The checkout process on this platform helps with multiple transactional currencies.
  • Stored credit cards: It allows you to securely as well as safely store the credit card details of the shoppers, so they can get through checkout processes easily as well as seamlessly. 
  • Better Security: For better security, the platform facilitates gateways with an embedded checkout process. 

Key takeaways:

As BigCommerce partners, we have time and again stood by the seamlessness that BigCommerce brings on board for payment gateways. We at DCKAP take care of implementations and ensure that your user gets the best experience starting from design to effortless checkouts. 

Snigdha C

Snigdha is a content writer at DCKAP who loves to delve into new worlds through different modes of communication. Her current habitat is the eCommerce realm. During her respite, she goes back to her first love- teaching kids and analyzing movies! You will always find her skimming through new experiences vicariously and otherwise; trying to re-create them and re-present them in her own simple ways.

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