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Comprehensive Guide On Inform ERP In 7 Fast Facts

March 2, 2021 |
DDI System Inform ERP Integration

Industries across all verticals are evolving at an accelerated pace. Today in the age of abundant information, one should make decisions quickly while ensuring that they yield the highest and positive outcomes. 

With evolving at every second in the globalized center of the transaction, ready-to-use data is necessary and can be accessed from any part of the business to help make your better decisions. What you need is business information becoming business intelligence to drive growth. 

Companies small or large want to grow and scale, therefore require a simple tool, a centralized data structure, or, simply put, an ERP. It certainly comes with significant customization based on the business and the enterprise in which it is; along with any company-specific requirements. 

Enterprise Resource Planning software or ERPs automate and analyze individual processes beyond a corporation or business, such as accounting and procurement, project management, customer relationship management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations across verticals. 

Single ERP applications can offer software as a service (SaaS), while a full suite of ERP applications creates an ERP solution that can be deployed effectively communicate and bring together business processes to enable a flow of data between the applications, typically through common databases either on-site/on-premise or in the cloud. 

Businesses sets objectives and obtaining these objectives requires planning, focus, and systematic implementation of proven solutions and strategies. ERPs connect every aspect of an enterprise. An ERP software system allows for better performance and project management that helps plan, budget, predict and accurately report on an organization’s financial health and processes.

Starting, it’s advantageous to look for solutions that are agile and helps your business scale fast operationally. Any cloud-based and integrated solution leverages a variety of tools such as machine learning, data analytics, and comprehensive cloud capacities to turn your business data into business intelligence. 

In this article, we will explore Inform ERP solution by the DDI system. We go in-depth about exploring Inform ERP solutions’ pricing, industry modules, tech-specs, and its implementation. If you’re a finance manager, entrepreneur, operational head, or any key decision-maker in the market for an ERP, this article is for you. 

What is Inform ERP by DDI System?

Inform ERP by DDI System is a distribution management software solution that connects everyday operations with client relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, and reporting functionalities in one system. Inform is fit for single location distributors, wholesalers, and multi-division companies in both on-premise and hosted systems.

Inform CEM encourages users to manage client engagement by linking CRM with everyday operations such as order entry, pricing, delivery status, and client service. Business management, scheduling, and dashboard analytics support in distribution operations. Extra functionality for janitorial and sanitation, bills and packaging, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, showroom, power, restaurant, and manufacturing suppliers are also available.

Inform also presents dashboards that present data visualizations concerning sales, accounting, inventory forecasting, and performance metrics. Demand forecasting, buying, pricing, request fulfillment, bid management, warehouse management (WMS), content management, and electronic data interchange (EDI) are all blended using Inform.

Any support is available via email, over the telephone, and through online client assistance portals.

Who Can Use Inform ERP?

DDI’s Inform ERP solutions is a cost-effective solution that provides wholesalers and distributors the means to deeply engage customers in the entire customer journey with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for today’s advanced distributor.

This ERP serves distributors best for its functionality facilitates the needs of distributors the best. The focus remains on operational excellence, improving margins, and thriving in today’s competitive, changing marketplace. The industry expertise lies in areas such as wholesale distribution, industrial and fasteners, paper, packaging and safety, PHCP, HVAC and PVF, electrical and lighting, retail showrooms, distribution, and manufacturing. 

Some of their customers are: 

  • Schmidt’s Wholesale, Inc.
  • Master Plumbing Supply
  • Tool Town
  • Sterling Supply 
  • New London 
  • TapeSaaS

What Are The Core Modules Inform ERP?


Inform ERP System renders full functionality for small and medium-sized manufacturers, distributors, and enterprise-level organizations. These features can be most useful to distributors looking to grow their business or struggle with some of these manual tasks. Their customers are mid-sized, growing distributors of all sizes in the HVAC, PHCP, PVF, Luxury Showroom, Paper, Packaging, JanSan, Industrial, Safety, Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, Irrigation, Electrical, and General wholesale markets.

Some of Inform ERPs essential features include:

  • Billing
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • CRM
  • Customer Service
  • Financials & Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Shipping & Distribution
  • Warehouse Management
  • Document Management

For Order Management: 

Sales order processing in Inform ERP distribution software provides immediate availability of significant information (like client order status, inventory availability, and item pricing)

For Warehousing Management: 

With Inform ERP solution, easy object setup contains both flexible and advanced approaches. Flexible physical inventory choosing, inter-warehouse/branch transfers, full audits of all inventory transactions. 

 An Embedded CRM: 

Users can gather relevant customer data such as purchase archives, order status, and personal notes to help in the personalization and enhancement of the client experience. It can also develop order entries and payment inquiries with one click. Personal and group calendars are added to the schedule so that teams can look at operations and sales possibilities in real-time. 

Using Inform ERP Solution? 

Help you get started quickly, there are many resources available online. Inform ERP solution is a powerful ERP product that has great community support. If you want to employ the ERP to its full potential, training will be essential. 

Below are some resources that you can use to master the Inform ERP Solution: 

  • Official Inform ERP Solution guide here;

  • Official Inform ERP Solution community resources here;

  • Official Inform ERP Solution blog platform.

The functionality continues simply throughout the channel: order entry, CRM, financial management, inventory control, warehouse management, purchasing, reporting, dashboards, etc. 

Inform ERP Pricing


Inform ERP system has comprehensive pricing information available on request. You can visit here to know more about the specific module and overall costs of the ERP. Inform ERP by DDI Systems offers customized pricing. You can contact a company representative to get a quote for your business requirements. 

For custom inquiries, you can contact the vendor here

Why don’t you check out what the users have to say about the Inform ERP Solution on some of the few review sites? To further assist your decision-making you can compare ERPs on sites like Capterra or G2 to measure Inform ERP to other ERP solutions by industry, ratings, customer views, pricing, organization size, features, and more.

How Long Does It Take To Deploy Inform ERP Solution? 

Inform ERP Software and data to run on the cloud. Users simply connect from any place, at any time.

  • Seamless, secure, and fast access from any location
  • Automated backups, protection, and continuous uptime from a carefully managed data center
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) or private cloud alternatives
  • Reduced dependency upon outside IT

You can visit the Inform ERP FAQs page here to flesh out other inquiries. 

How to Integrate Inform ERP Solution Into Your Business? 

 An integration platform can assist and can help integrate Inform ERP solution into your existing business. With DCKAP Integrator pre-built connectors, you can sync that in a flash. You can use this comprehensive guide here to get started. With it, you can obtain customer-friendly business solutions With DDI Systems. You can combine daily operations such as eCommerce, CRM, and real-time logs and reporting using one comprehensive system. You can also gain access to products and inventory, and manage accounts from a single portal, by using DCKAP Integrator to integrate Inform ERP with any eCommerce platform. DCKAP Integrator iPaaS has all-encompassing integration features for setting up a full-fledged synchronization of Infor ERP with multiple business applications. DCKAP Integrator already provides a pre-built package that integrates all these data points. Its GDPR compliance platform ensures the complete security of your data through encrypted transactions and SSL certifications. Additionally, the DCKAP Integrator platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop features and minimal coding effort.

In Conclusion

Inform ERP incorporates electronic signature and electronic document scanning functionality. The solution can also store records such as product images, material safety data sheets (MSDS), and descriptions. 

This increases productivity as it’s a demand planning tool forecasts material and production needs effectively. 

 Inform ERP is available both on-premise and as a cloud-based solution. This gives the program access to a wide variety of businesses across various verticals. If you’re choosing cloud deployment then the software can be used anytime and anywhere with a decent internet connection. The solution is great for wholesale distributors who want robust ERP software that can handle the weight while helping them scale. 

The only apparent downside is that developers may be constantly upgrading the solution and since they charge so much for maintenance you would want these features to be integrated as part of the program. Instead, they are offered in a sort of add-on structure, which can be frustrating.

This is not a glaring shortcoming and overall, DDI Systems Inform ERP a solid choice for any SMB in the market. An expert and an agile solution for distributors. 

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