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eCommerce Events in LA and NY that you should not miss

By |August 11, 2022 September 7th, 2022No Comments

The pandemic pushed us into situations we least expected. Work went remote worldwide. Meetings happened virtually. And the rest of it was also within the four walls. Although productivity topped and brands across the world saw surging reports in the financials – if there was one thing that was truly missed – it’s the human connection and hanging out with people and peers, just like good old times, without any restrictions.

Now that the skies are cleared and the world is getting adjusted to the new normalcy, things are also falling back in place. The old charm is getting polished again. And the event season is back.

In this blog, we are going to glimpse into three upcoming events related to eCommerce and business which are worth attending for the amount of knowledge and industry trends that are going to be shared from the pioneers of the particular industries.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Attend Events?

No matter what industry you are in, attending offline events gives you a guaranteed sense of hope and confidence in looking and learning from people who have braved the odds and achieved.

For making valuable connections to meeting new people and discussing much more about business, the reasons are umpteen for you to register right away and attend these upcoming events.

Being an entrepreneur, events give you an opportunity to listen and learn from the best of minds. Know their journey, understand how they overcame the obstacles, get deep into their minds on how the leaders take strategic decisions, run their company, and more.

Well, as the world is inclining towards digital, no better time than this to have a face-to-face interaction with business experts that you admire. Plus, events take you through the current insider happenings in the industry which you might not know elsewhere. Maybe, forecasting these issues will help you to streamline and position your company even better.

Also, there are numerous times where beautiful partnerships have been formed over attending some events. Find fellow entrepreneurs who love the product/service you are offering and what if they express interest to take the conversation forward to a probable collaboration? Win-win!

Keep aside a day, plan your work accordingly, take some time off, and make it a point to attend these events. The takeaways you get will be of more value than the time you spent there.

1. DCKAP Summit

After a gap of two years (well, technically not a gap since it happened online), DCKAP Summit is back to its original form and happening at the end of October. A conference on growth, talent, and competition.

DCKAP Summit is aimed at bringing distributors, eCommerce owners, and everybody who is or looks at selling online, to give a platform for leading voices from the distribution and eCommerce industry. After the pandemic, a lot of changes, especially in the distribution space. With as many opportunities came as many challenges too and DCKAP Summit sheds light on pressing issues, giving thoughtful ideas on how to navigate the business-waters without any silos stopping you.

As a distributor or eCommerce store owner, you can get to know game-changing insights from the industry and understand how to set your business apart and ahead of the competition, by attending the DCKAP Summit. Plus, you get to meet 100s of business owners and pioneers from various industries at the event. A low-effort way for taking your company’s name to the who’s who of the industry.

Coming to the speakers part, Duncan Wadle (Former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney) is going to be the featured speaker. Working at one of the leading and strongest storytelling platforms in the world, listening directly from him on what it takes to create magical storylines and nurture amazing experiences for customers across the globe.

Apart from Duncan, there are going to be various distributors speaking at the event and sharing experiences of running a business successfully. If you are a distributor or an eCommerce store owner who wants to take your dream business to the next level, DCKAP Summit is where you need to be.

Date: October 28, 2022
At Los Angeles, CA
Register: Here

2. White Label World Expo

The sales in eCommerce and the number of customers preferring online over direct shopping – both have rocketed in recent years and you know the reason behind this. Studies say this trend is not going to dip down anytime soon and online shopping is definitely the future.

If you are a business owner and still do not sell online, you might fall back from the competition, irrespective of the stellar products or services that you offer in your suite.

If you want to sell online, source new products, and master being an online entrepreneur? You can learn all of these and much more at White Label World Expo happening in the month of September.

Bringing over 200 speakers and 1000s of attendees from the top companies across the world, this two-day event will be a spectacle of wisdom and information combined like never before.

Liana Zavo from Forbes, Kiera Carter from Wix, and Eric Cross from Alibaba are some of the industry-defining speakers who’d be speaking at the White Label World Expo. Wait, that’s not it – There are 200* seminars planned.

Also, various masterclasses have been planned for the event, to name a few: The AMZ effect for Amazon Sellers who want to make it big in the space; Start-Up Masterclass to set up your business the right way by providing the latest solutions to real-time industry scenarios.

Date: September 29 & 30, 2022
At Javits Center, New York
Contact: +1 213 528 6133

Understand everything from the trends that drive the industry to build your brand and listen to influential speakers stepping up for delivering keynote sessions and sharing their knowledge. Amazing panel sessions, vast networking opportunities, and showcasing your brand. There’s going to be a huge exposure at White Label World Expo.

3. Los Angeles eCommerce Summit

The Los Angeles eCommerce Summit, as the organizers quote, is a one-day gathering of local eCommerce experts, retailers, merchants, and solution providers on one stage to discuss the prospects and the future of how eCommerce is going to shape the lifestyle of shoppers.

Panel discussions, presentations, interesting talks, one-on-one meetings, and of course, lots of networking opportunities are lined up for the Los Angeles eCommerce Summit happening in February 2023.

About the speakers part: Ashley Kick from Doen, Ashley Newman from Zippy Paws, Bryce from Popl, and Jenifer from DefineMe Fragrance are some of those who’d be speaking at the event. And sharing their insights on how businesses of every size can leverage their sales using innovative marketing without compromising the quality of their service.

Date: February 01, 2023
At Westin Hotel, Los Angeles
Contact: Here

Give this event a try if you are someone in and around LA, and get to meet your local entrepreneurs. Building new connections and taking away a lot of learnings that you can implement in your brand building.

See you there!

All the three events said above seem so exciting already. Attending these, you can explore new innovations in your field, interact with industry experts who are years ahead of you in terms of real-time experience and connect with strategic partners who can help take your business forward.

One of the best investments for any business is learning something new, and no place better than offline events to gain first-hand information from the masters. Register here, and I’ll see you there at the Summit.


Akash is Content Writer at DCKAP. He loves weaving words to create stories and sentences. Hangs out reading poetry and non-fiction novellas on tales which are often heard and told in the mainstream. He is also a theater artist who loves teaching kids.

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