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A Free Virtual Event Powering eCommerce Insights – eSummit ’21

A Community Initiative

DCKAP eSummit 2021

A free virtual event powering eCommerce insights

Gear up to witness masters of the industry and gain access to exclusive B2B online strategies that drive customer success.

May 11, 2021

eSummit Highlights

About eSummit

The DCKAP eSummit is a bi-annual gathering of minds and voices specifically geared towards helping inform and guide B2B businesses, with a focus on the experience in manufacturing, distribution, and the industrial sector. Join us through the journey of digital transformation.

DCKAP is a company focused on driving revenue based on elevated online experiences, and our experts develop products and technology that stand by that. Our eSummit is a comprehensive eCommerce event designed to showcase the path to online success, and to help businesses understand the importance and the process of digital transformation. This means covering the basics to diving into complex strategies that will help you succeed.

With our years of experience working in eCommerce, we provide in-depth knowledge and unique insights, along with our partners and guests, to guide businesses during every stage of their journey. Join our event on May 11th to discover a wide variety of products and solutions, the most important trends and strategies, find out some of the latest technologies available for B2B digital commerce, and learn how to stay ahead of the competition!

  • How to get started and find the best way to grow in B2B eCommerce!
  • Understand some of the most important things to be aware of along the way.
  • Hear from experts in the field, learn from their insights and strategies!
  • Discover products and solutions to create a better customer experience.


Bharani Nagarathnam
Associate Director & Instructional Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University

Brandon Hagen
Director, Safety Network Division at Affiliated Distributors

Evan Wright
Director of Growth, Cross-Border at Avalara

Gary Smith
Strategic Partner Development Manager at Nexcess

Kim Lombard
Channel Manager at APS Payments

Hillary Heath
Channel Account Manager at APS Payments

Dave Bent
President at ES Tech Group

Matt Johnson
VP of Business Development at ES Tech Group

Lori Mata
Director, Industrial Distribution at Saint-Gobain Abrasives

Ateesh Vankayala
Sr Director & Head at Bunzl Corp eCommerce

Timothy Diep
Customer Success Manager at DCKAP

Karthik Chidambaram
Founder & CEO at DCKAP

Event Sponsors



Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and other tax types. The company delivers comprehensive, automated, cloud-based solutions that are designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use. Automate your sales tax returns process to save time and track nexus at no cost for up to 60 days with your free trial. We're a team of tax experts and technologists behind one solution for your business.


APS Payments, a REPAY company, offers omni-channel B2C and B2B integrated payment solutions for every business. APS Payments is a gateway and processor that is trusted by thousands of merchants daily to process payments and works diligently to offer the lowest credit card processing rates, reduce risk, and provide the best payment solutions for customers. Delivering cloud-based payment solutions your business needs for the price you want.


Powerful Hosting Tech Designed for What You Need. Powering Online Businesses Store by Store. Site by Site. Side by Side. By embracing complexity, providing stability, and working with our clients, partners, and team members, we've managed to create innovations that have changed the face of web hosting support and management forever. We hold data centers around the world that offer the best in terms of best performance, reliability, and control.


The dotdigital platform is an omnichannel marketing solution for B2C, B2B, and NFP marketers. Import data, build segments and triggers, and create relevant marketing campaigns that engage your customers on their favorite channels. Don't limit yourself to email marketing; personalize your marketing messages across SMS, push notifications, live chat, and social advertisements.


A cloud-based middleware that handles all the integration needs of a digital commerce system. DCKAP Integrator provides a reliable, secure, and scalable solution. It acts as an intermediate connector, handling the flow of information between two or more data points (ERP, CRM & eCommerce platforms.) while maintaining order.


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