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Ecommerce Store Product Performance Analysis

Hari Prasad
September 17, 2021 |
Ecommerce Store Product Performance Analysis


Product performance analysis provides actionable insights on products which helps in making better decisions on improving product sales. vizB provides detailed product analytics data in an automated dashboard.

Knowing your best selling products and least selling products helps you to focus on improving the product sales by making better decisions.

Inventory performance

Inventory performance helps in providing your product inventory status and the no. of products falls into each stock category such as Dead, Critical, Slow, Medium, Out of Stock, and Fast.

Which helps in focusing on products that fall under each stock category and improving on that.

The product scorecard is the table view of the Inventory performance which gives the information of the products like stock availability, and the stock category which can be downloaded to CSV for sharing and making decisions.

Custom Options

Custom options are nothing but variants of each product, for example, a mobile phone will be available in different color patterns and storage sizes in that by finding out which variant has the highest number of sales we can increase the stock quantity of that particular variant and we can stop increasing the stock quantity for least selling variant or vice versa.

Pricing Analysis

Pricing Analysis helps in how each product and its best-selling variant performed at different prices over the period of time. In the bar chart, the x-axis represents different prices the product was sold and the y-axis represents the number of quantities sold at each price point with this feature we can able to identify the optimal prices for the product.


Hence here we have seen how vizB helps in improving the product sales by product performance analysis.

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