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Comprehensive Guide On Epicor Eclipse ERP In 9 Quick Facts

February 20, 2021 |
Epicor Eclipse ERP In 9 Quick Facts

Technology now develops fast; this could be a burden for businesses. How? The difficulty lies with legacy enterprise systems that no longer support growth or may even become technically obsolete. Moreover, the cost of upgrading systems or buying new ones is always high and at some point old systems become redundant.

However today, ERPs have become commonplace across large corporations and startups alike. ERPs encompass many industries, especially since the introduction of cloud ERP. Before we jump into learning about Epicor Eclipse ERP integration , let’s look into why companies switch to an ERP.

Whether your business is an SME or a large enterprise, there will be many areas that will require oversight. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems or (ERPs) software combines core processes inside a corporation under a centralized dashboard. Earlier, these operations were used originally by large multinational companies. As they were too expensive to run, trained personnel and a dedicated IT infrastructure to handle ERP deployment and maintenance.

It is a smart choice to look for software solutions that are agile and nimble to upgrade while letting you scale your business operationally fast. Here an ERP comes into the picture. This advanced, cloud-based, and unified solution leverages many tools such as machine learning, predictive data analytics, forecasting, and full cloud capabilities to turn your business information into business intelligence.

ERP solutions typically offer a flexible, versatile, and scalable solution. With an ERP solution, you can look forward to managing your business operations end-to-end and also provide outstanding customer service and support. With the multitude of features such as tracking your production, suppliers, demand channels, inventory forecasting, and other significant business divisions.

With an ERP system, you can recognize and generate growth possibilities securing overall industry success and customer satisfaction.

We go in-depth about exploring the Epicor Eclipse ERP solution; pricing, industry modules, tech-specs, and its implementation. If you’re a finance manager, entrepreneur, operational head, or any key decision-maker in the market for an ERP, this article is for you.

What is Epicor Eclipse ERP Solution?

Now fast-moving corporations require greater integration between you, your colleagues, and your clients. All business systems should be capable of information flow between their in-house applications, the internet, and business tools. The Epicor Eclipse ERP is a robust web solution that assists the connection of your company to the world by implementing a new middle layer that exposes Eclipse data to other applications while protecting the integrity of the Eclipse application.

Epicor® Eclipse™ has been made to fit the specific requirements of Electrical, Plumbing, PVF, and HVAC distributors.

Eclipse was built upon the premise that your business systems need to work exactly how distributors work––while additionally delivering best practices for distribution operations that help lower costs out of the supply chain, increase sales and margins, and improve customer service.

Who Can Use Epicor Eclipse ERP?

Epicor Eclipse ERP provides systems to dramatically enhance productivity while ensuring process refinements that improve the business effectiveness for distributors. It features a novel, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to interact with your clients while managing business.

The solution enables you to eliminate information disruptions in your business through true task automation and digital to-do lists. Self-populating, self-cleaning work queues notify every operator in your organization about significant undertakings that require attention—this allows employees to concentrate longer on the client, get more accomplished within the software, and promote customer satisfaction.

Below is a partial list of customers that use Epicor Eclipse ERP:

  • Ihrie Supply Company
  • Everflow Supplies
  • Aramsco
  • Johnstone Supply
  • Rexel
  • US Electrical Services, Inc
  • Crescent Electric
  • Schaedler Yesco
  • Empire Plumbing Supply
  • Industrial Piping Systems
  • Lehman Pipe and Plumbing Supply
  • Johnstone Supply
  • Adel Wholesalers

Modules Of Epicor Eclipse ERP

Epicor Eclipse ERP solution presents extensive functionality for small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprise-level corporations.

Some of its primary features include:

  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • Commercial Job Management
  • Mobile Showroom
  • e-Commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • Wireless Warehouse Management
  • Financials
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Document Imaging

eCommerce – Based on Magento commerce to increase sales, reach fresh clients and reduce sale cycles. Both B2B and B2C channels support, storefront creation, real-time inventory levels, mobile access, and more.

Business Intelligence – Epicor Data Analytics and Customer Buying Trend Analyzer support a company to create and manage real-time insight visible from the executive, A/R, Sales, and purchasing trends dashboards.

Financial Management – Users receive General Ledger, Purchasing, and vendor discounts, with real-time maintenance for multi-currency and multi-company, and account balance signals that streamline business accounting.

Supply Chain Management – Users can manage warehouse, inventory, purchasing, and manufacturing. This feature includes Advanced Demand Forecasting, which more accurately calculates the amount of inventory needed.

CRM – A user can maintain all customer data with access to it from everywhere to adequately respond to client queries or operations.

Strategic Pricing – In private cooperation with Strategic Pricing Associates, it maximizes proceeds by determining how and where to squeeze greater gross margins out of fewer price-sensitive purchases, including shipping.

Mobile Showroom – It puts pricing and merchandise data for sales teams. Barcode analyzing and iBeacon pass merchandise details and requests can be created, maintained, and offered from anyplace.

Wireless Warehouse Management – Users can maintain inventory receipt, put-away, choosing, cycle counts, as well as a record for improvements, all from a handheld tool or remote location.

Each of these features is available remotely, on any device available to workers.

Using Epicor Eclipse ERP Solution?

To hit the ground running with the Epicor Eclipse ERP solution, there are many resources available online. Epicor Eclipse ERP solution is a powerful ERP product that has great community support.

Of course, if you want to utilize the ERP to its full potential, learning will be essential. Below are some resources that you can use to master the Epicor Eclipse ERP solution:

  • Official Epicor Eclipse ERP solution guide here;
  • Official Epicor Eclipse ERP solution community resources here;
  • Official Epicor Eclipse ERP solution blog platform.

Epicor Eclipse ERP Solution Pricing

Epicor does not disclose pricing information. Prospective customers should contact Epicor for details or you can contact the vendor here to get pricing information for your custom needs.

Why don’t you check out what the users have to say about the Epicor Eclipse ERP Solution on some of the few review sites?

Improve your decision with sites like Capterra or G2 to measure Epicor Eclipse ERP to other ERP solutions by industry, ratings, customer views, pricing, organization size, features, and more.

How Long Does It Take To Deploy Epicor Eclipse ERP System?

The Epicor implementation methodology is broken into five stages: prepare, plan, design, validate and deploy. Each stage includes a series of segments that are filled with a set of inputs, tools, techniques, and deliverables that build on one another to move the process to the next stage.

  • Prepare – Epicor’s consulting team aligns the implementation project expectations with the software suite a company is planning to implement.
  • Plan – The planning stage is the absolute start of implementation. It builds the foundation for the complete project and forms the blueprint that sets out the system specifications, sources, and timelines that are required to match a company’s needs and funds.
  • Design –  A company’s core design team and subject matter specialists begin to utilize the system and report how the organization plans to apply the system to match its business goals.
  • Validate – The goal of this stage is to better ensure that all business procedures are correctly documented and that the business operations flow successfully through the system.
  • Deploy – Epicor’s consulting team supports clients with developing their go-live plans, as well as implementing end-user training.

Eclipse runs atop Linux and uses Rocket UniVerse as its database.

How To Integrate Epicor Eclipse ERP Into Your Business?

By using an integration platform as a service you can integrate Epicor Eclipse ERP solution into your existing business. Use this comprehensive guide to learn how to integrate the Epicor Eclipse ERP Solution into your business.

DCKAP Integrator is a scalable, flexible & customizable iPaaS that provides pre-built connectors, which you can easily synchronize any data point mapped & modified according to how you want it.

Integrate Epicor Eclipse with leading eCommerce storefronts, marketplaces, CRM, 3PL, marketing & social channels, or any other software. Synchronize orders and products in real-time and ensure you provide the best possible eCommerce purchase experience for your customers.

DCKAP Integrator already provides a pre-built package that integrates all these data points. It is a GDPR compliant platform that ensures the complete security of your data through encrypted transactions and SSL certifications. Additionally, the DCKAP Integrator platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop features and minimal coding effort.

In Conclusion

Epicor clients have access to its online client support center, which provides 24/7 access to data, resources, and services, including client account data, an online knowledge center, product documentation including downloads, online discussions and communities, and other valuable information.

Introduction to EpicCare, Epicor’s customer assistance program, is included as part of a company’s Epicor Maintenance and Support Plan. Further benefits of the plan may include:

  • The most advanced in software updates, fixes, improvements, and upgrades – allowing organizations to prolong the life of their ERP systems.
  • Countless online, chat, and/or phone query resolution assistance from Epicor support specialists to serve clients troubleshoot difficulties.

Overall it’s a powerful ERP if you require a robust solution for your wholesale distribution network with an efficient client support structure.

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