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Extensions Make Magento Development More Capable

By |November 26, 2012 August 23rd, 2022No Comments

magentoThe flexibilities and functionalities provided by Magento and its extensions which make an e-store more efficient and develop the business venture. The extensions which are used along with the Magento platform make the technology a very efficient one.

In the virtual market place each and every entity plays a significant role in enhancing a business venture. These extensions are developed by Magento developers from all over the world to help themselves with their development and they share it to enhance other developers’ projects too. By doing this every Magento developer contributes efficiently to the Magento community. By opting for a Magento programmer a business solution can implement efficient extensions changing it to become more systematic and structured.

Magento Connect

Magento Connect is an extension which helps a website or an E-Store to connect instantaneously with social media and social networking sites. These social media channels are various namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The current marketing trend depends very much on these entities to achieve even a modest goal. These media channels have revolutionized the way businesses were carried out and delivered to the people. Without these entities people nowadays ignore and do not even give attention to products and services.

The extension which helps users to write reviews for the online market or store is also provided by Magento. This works as an advantage in various ways and even if the comments posted by the user or customers are negative even that can be used as an advantage. Thus this makes it a win-win situation for the merchant as well as the Magento programmers who have worked on such extensions. If the comments posted by the users are positive then they can be used for marketing showcasing them as testimonials. On the other hand if the comments posted are negative, they can be analyzed properly and worked on. If such negative comments are taken seriously by the merchants and the programmers and worked towards eradicating them then the quality of the web store develops capably.

The flexibilities and functionalities provided by Magento and its extensions make an e-store more efficient and performs better after Magento 2 migration to develop the business venture.


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