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How to Increase ROI with PIM

August 23, 2019

At the end of the day, it is all about the customer experience.

Having an online store is no easy task. With the most advanced products and features getting launched into the market faster than ever before, it is essential to keep your online store updated with the latest information and also make it look visually appealing to provide an alluring shopping experience.

Giving customers the information they need and providing a low effort experience can convert traffic into sales, and thereby increase your company’s return on investment.

Let us take a look at how, with PIM, you can complement your business, reach newer horizons, and win over customers.

What is PIM – Product Information Management?

Product Information Management (PIM) refers to a set of processes used to evaluate, identify, store, manage, and distribute product data or information. PIM facilitates the central management and maintenance of the entire type of raw data, product content, or any related information for one or more products of an organization or system.

When information needs to be changed or media needs to be updated, all one needs to do is open the PIM repository and push the files. It’s this simple.

How To Increase ROI with PIM?

Sales automatically increase when online stores make it easy for customers to browse and buy products. Let us understand how your company’s ROI can be scaled up with a strong PIM in place.

Quality Data Maintenance

The customer’s buying decision lies in the quality of your online store.

An online store with incorrect data or inappropriate product images does not send out a good sign to the customer. Every piece of information related to the product must be in tandem and up to date.

With PIM, you can conjointly have faith in the data integration capabilities to observe and quarantine irrelevant data on imports, and you can also quickly identify and resolve interrupted data completion with analytical data.

Increases Employee Efficiency

Use your employees’ time wisely!

Since all the product data is stored in PIM, employees have a clear idea regarding the data. They also need not be dependent on anyone, which enhances employees’ focus on work. Overall, this helps in allowing more time, which in turn increases the overall product quality and employee efficiency.

Employees can effortlessly import and export their products and assets in the PIM system. They can manage their contacts, reports, and roles without data duplication and products. Admins can assign role-based access to multiple users, and they can manage the images, content, and so on.

Multi Language and Data Accuracy

Sell anywhere, everywhere!

PIM provides endless possibilities to online stores making things easy for them to sell across the globe with multi-language support. A PIM System figures out catalog synchronization and translation – the things which have more advantages to adding multiple languages in the PIM system.

The best part is, information is translated quickly without any other third party. There is no need to check the updates for the products because it’s automatically synced. This feature enables products to be accessed globally.

Connect Faster with API

The connector acts as a bridge between a PIM and other resources which requires or need data from PIM. Seamlessly share product-related data across various e-commerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and others with various ERP like P21, SAP, netsuite, eclipse, and so on.

The PIM System becomes the centralized data repository, with the help of the connector, to maintain the information across all platforms that deal with product-related data.

Marketing Support

The time to market is faster than before.

Product Information Management is an excellent tool for retail selling professionals. Making up-to-date print catalogs, selling campaigns, product blogs, websites, etc. can attract customers and bring in traffic when the trends are still intact.

Besides text and audiovisual content, there are extensions for product-related news, SEO, and program optimization. All this allows economic collaboration of promoting: Individuals, Website managers, Graphic designers, Public Relations Experts, and so on.

Build Client Loyalty

Make the customers come, again and again.

Every business strives to build an everlasting collaboration with customers. Sometimes, it happens. Many a time, it doesn’t. Well, there might be multiple reasons for a customer’s displeasure. But, with the advent of technology, delighting the customers is not as hard now as to how it was before.

Customers love brands that make them feel valued. Use this knowledge to become perfect with your branding strategies. All we will say is: Provide more than what the customer wants.

Want a fantastic Return on Investment? Look no further and invest in DCKAP PIM, the intuitive PIM System for e-commerce enterprises and distributors. Get in touch, and provide the BEST EVER shopping experience to maximize sales!