Are you a wholesaler, retailer, or distributor facing any issues in managing and maintaining data, as your company deals with thousands of products? Do you often face difficulties when customers find it complicated to browse the product they want to buy? Ever felt the need to have a system in place to streamline all the content and data related to products, ensuring a smooth buying process?

What The Research Says

“Teams that don’t have PIM tools risk palpable competitive disadvantage with content that’s inconsistent, meets only the minimum market requirements and fails to engage customers. Teams that do use PIM win customers and expand their markets with product content that engages buyers and drives purchase decisions.”

Without the proper mechanism in place, the process of managing data is time-consuming, affects productivity, and often reflects a drop in sales. The Forrester Research report has placed PIM in high prominence and as a prime factor for the online selling experience.

PIM Not A Preference, But A Priority

Behind every successful eCommerce website is a PIM – a powerful tool to maintain product data and offer an unparalleled shopping experience. Ensure you have a powerful PIM system like DCKAP PIM in place as you scale, so all your product data is located in a single repository for every employee’s easy access.

DCKAP PIM For Wholesalers

Wholesalers deal with a lot of stock, from inception until the final goods are manufactured. Since most products are stored in warehouses (ERP does not support catalogs, brochures, etc.) and orders are usually in bulk, the help of PIM will be influential in managing businesses of all sizes. Here’s how DCKAP PIM helps:

  • Need not worry about data loss or asset management
  • Single dashboard to manage and maintain information
  • Generate data for promotional materials
  • Provide accurate information to distributors
  • Create and maintain product catalogs easily
  • Print ready files for brochures, flyers, etc.

DCKAP PIM For Distributors

The role of distributors is significant, as they build bridges connecting buyers and sellers. Distributors deal with a lot of products incoming and outgoing. At times, it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. Distributors can make use of DCKAP PIM to streamline their product flow.

  • Categorize product data (like images, videos, writeups, etc.)
  • DCKAP PIM smoothens your digital commerce experience
  • Awareness of products that are in stock, and what needs to be ordered
  • Helps you to understand market and product positioning
  • Projection of data in the site becomes convenient
  • Do more than what you do with an ERP

DCKAP PIM For Retailers

Buying things online is all about the customer experience. Content is the key to providing an appealing experience. We are what our website is. Every retailer should ensure their online store is rich with product data. Having complete data is always crucial for any retailer. Below is how DCKAP PIM helps retailers:

  • Create a look and feel for your website with apt product content
  • Otherwise manual tasks can now be automated
  • Reduces employee redundancy
  • Enhances overall team productivity
  • Provide a posh shopping experience for your customers
  • Allows to create visually appealing products navigation site

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DCKAP PIM?

DCKAP PIM is a robust PIM system for eCommerce enterprises to manage and maintain their company’s data, from one place easily accessible to all.

Is demo available for DCKAP PIM?

Yes, we would love to explain about our product and how it helps manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and eCommerce enterprises.


Does DCKAP PIM offer Multi-channel support?

DCKAP PIM offers amazing multichannel and integration features. A separate connector is available for eCommerce platforms to send the processed data for prints, ERPs, social sharing, etc.

MultiLingual Support?

DCKAP PIM offers localization as an out-of-the-box feature, both the application and the product content can be viewed with your local language. This eradicates your worry of managing multilingual product content for each channel.

Pricing and services:

Will DCKAP PIM support ERP?

Yes, the API will be provided by us. Your company can do the connecting part on your own. We also offer DCKAP Integrator (Integration Platform), which helps to synchronize the data transfer to any existing or new ERP systems.

Does DCKAP PIM allow to import products from third party API?

It is indeed possible, as we will be providing you the API required which allows importing product data from third-party APIs.

What are the eCommerce platforms supported by DCKAP PIM?

DCKAP PIM offers ready-made connectors with the leading eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. However, we would be happy to help with the integration of any eCommerce platform.

What is the cost of DCKAP PIM?

DCKAP PIM provides subscriptions both monthly & annually. Please get in touch with us to schedule a demo, and know the pricing plan.

Is there any additional cost?

DCKAP PIM offers ready-made connectors with the leading eCommerce platforms (Magento, BigCommerce, & Shopify), marketplace platforms like Amazon & Google Shopping. Adding to these out-of-the-box features, any additional channels integration will be implemented at a one time cost.

What is the payment term?

Payment in advance for both Monthly & Annually.

Where will assets be maintained in DCKAP PIM?

All the assets will be maintained on the server. Based on the channel requirement, the necessary data shall be transferred to the respective stakeholders. This works way better than traditional DAM systems.

How to get in touch with DCKAP PIM Customer Support?

The team at DCKAP PIM loves conversations and can be contacted to explore more about the products, to have your clarifications sorted, or anything which has got to do with PIM. Click here.

Is DCKAP PIM an open-source platform?

DCKAP PIM is a cloud-based product, and businesses no longer have to worry about the storage issues as we take care of everything.

DCKAP PIM offers simple, configurable, virtual, bundle products as an out of the box feature and it will be configurable in the eCommerce connectors that will be provided.

DCKAP PIM is a cloud-based product, and businesses no longer have to worry about storage issues as we take care of everything.

DCKAP PIM provides API?

DCKAP PIM provides Open API as the platform is service-oriented and at the heart of the application. Based on JSON/REST, this documented public API allows customers or integrators to connect DCKAP PIMwith a wide variety of third-party systems.

You can view the API documentation here.

Data security and Management:

What are your back-up and recovery practices?

Data you upload to the DCKAP PIM service is backed up to encrypted storage in an Amazon S3 availability region data center. The last 24 hours backup will be restored in case of any data loss or damage.

What is the security mechanism followed?

All connections to DCKAP PIM are end-to-end encrypted with SSL/TLS. We use encrypted access tokens for authorization of all connections. The access token is linked to your account and application and database level controls prevent any entities being returned to the client that does not match the account ID.