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PIM Solution for Epicor Prophet 21 Users

In the complex world of distribution, managing product data can be an enormous challenge. DCKAP PIM empowers distributors to conquer the data deluge, optimize operations, and drive growth.

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DCKAP PIM for Distributors

Amplify Your Product Journey With
ERP, Ecommerce, and Sales Channels

Enrich your product experience with DCKAP PIM platform, enabling smooth integrations with Epicor, Unilog, DDS, Trade Service, Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and more – all designed to help you sell faster, anywhere.

DCKAP PIM for Distributors

Distributors sell through multiple sales channels. With a central repository that is integrated with your key business systems, a customer’s experience will be consistent and relevant no matter where they engage.


  • Store pictures, documents, videos, product descriptions and much more in one repository, accessible to all.
  • Categorize product data (like images, videos, writeups, etc.)
  • Smooth out your digital commerce experience
  • Gain awareness of products that are in stock, and what needs to be ordered
  • Create and maintain product catalogs
  • Generate data for promotional materials
  • Reduce data inconsistencies
Accurate Product Information for All Systems

Expedite Product Content Delivery with DCKAP PIM

Synchronize data across your system and make product management easy with DCKAP PIM. DCKAP PIM unlocks complex product data to:

  • Unify product information across channels
  • Automate data entry and workflows
  • Improve product information accuracy
  • Gain real-time online and offline sales insights
  • Deploy price updates immediately

Multi-Channel Ecosystem

Synchronize product information between channels automatically to provide a single source of truth without the hassle of manual updates.

Flexible Import

Importing a massive amount of product data is as easy as copy and paste with DKCAP PIM.


Expand your reach. Handling product information in multiple languages is simple with DCKAP PIM.

Rules Automation

Map products, set rules and then let your system deliver information automatically when and where you need it.

Digital Asset Management

Save time and release products faster by having all digital assets – images, video, audio and more – in one place.

Audit Logs

With DCKAP PIM, every backend change is tracked so you can quickly determine the source of errors.

Easy Syndication

Effortlessly sync to ensure complete data transfer regardless of your ecommerce platform with DCKAP PIM.

Single Storage System

All product data, no matter file size, is stored in one place and accessible to everyone.

Bulk Edit

It’s no problem to edit once and apply it throughout the system with DCKAP PIM.

Categorize Products

Efficiently store, find and edit your data by creating product categories.

Built-In Connectors

DCKAP PIM seamlessly connects with your ERP and ecommerce store with our built-in connectors.

Channel Readiness

Create a channel and configure data (products, features, etc.) to deliver data easily and automatically to your ecommerce store.

See how Regency Lighting untangled the product data web.

Manually updating thousands of SKUs, each with hundreds of attributes, across multiple channels is monotonous, error-prone and time-consuming. DCKAP PIM releases your team from this tedious task.

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Learn how GrowGeneration leveled up their omnichannel product content.

Your customers expect comprehensive product information online. DCKAP PIM makes it easy to deliver and display meaningful product data across multiple sales channels – without copy and paste.

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Read how Premier Safety supercharged their process.

If your team manually updates product information, you’ll fall behind and customers will go to a competitor to get what they need. Accelerate the delivery of product data with DCKAP PIM.

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Customers Love DCKAP PIM

We chose DCKAP PIM because of the simplicity of using the product, the cost, and the continuous improvement on the platform by their development team. They do a wonderful job of listening to their customers to help solve challenges in the product development and roadmap.

Andrew TDirector of Marketing

They did a great job with the integration of our website. They customized some imports for us to make it a lot easier to use for significant changes. Managing enhanced descriptions and photos is a lot easier with DCKAP PIM.

Mark BPresident

DCKAP PIM was able to take our huge spreadsheet with all our product attributes and create the fields in the PIM as well as convert these attributes to our BigCommerce admin. They are quick to reply to any questions on hand. They are quick to fix any issues found in the process. Great service all around.

User in Consumer GoodsSmall Business

Their willingness to adapt to our special environment. The difficulty to sync our data stream solution to all of our environement.

Maxime Etienne LIT, Industrial, Integrator & OEM Director

Use DCKAP PIM with Integrator to Supercharge Your Efficiency.

When data is synced and systems are talking, distributors achieve profitability faster. DCKAP Integrator accelerates digital transformation by instantaneously and efficiently connecting ERP, ecommerce and CRM applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PIM

Does DCKAP PIM offer multichannel support?

DCKAP PIM offers powerful multichannel and integration features. A separate connector is available for ecommerce platforms to send the processed data for prints, ERP, social sharing and more.

Does DCKAP PIM feature multilingual support?

DCKAP PIM offers localization as an out-of-the-box feature, both the application and the product content can be viewed with your local language. This eradicates your worry of managing multilingual product content for each channel.

Will DCKAP PIM support ERP?

Yes. We provide an API so your company can do the connecting. We also offer DCKAP Integrator, which synchronizes the data transfer to any existing or new ERP systems.

Does DCKAP PIM allow the importing of products from third-party APIs?

Yes. We provide the API that allows importing product data from third-party APIs.

What ecommerce platforms are supported by DCKAP PIM?

DCKAP PIM offers ready-made connectors with the leading ecommerce platforms like Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce and Shopify. However, we can help with the integration of any ecommerce platform.

How much does DCKAP PIM cost?

DCKAP PIM offers monthly and annual subscriptions, paid ahead of usage. Contact us for a quote that fits your needs. Any additional integrations beyond the out-of-the-box features will be implemented at a one-time fee.

Where are assets maintained in DCKAP PIM?

All assets are maintained on a server. Based on the channel requirement, the required data will be transferred to the necessary stakeholders. This works better than traditional DAM systems.

Is DCKAP PIM an open-source platform?

DCKAP PIM is a cloud-based product.

Does DCKAP PIM provide an API?

Yes. DCKAP PIM provides Open API. Our platform is service-oriented. Based on JSON/REST, this public API allows customers or integrators to connect DCKAP with a variety of third-party systems. View API documentation here.

What are your backup and recovery practices?

Data you upload to the DCKAP PIM service is backed up to encrypted storage in an Amazon S3 regional data center. The past 24 hours backup will be restored in case of any data loss or damage.

What security mechanism do you use?

All connections to DCKAP PIM are end-to-end encrypted with SSL/TLS. We use encrypted access tokens for authorization of all connections. The access token is linked to your account and application and database level controls prevent any entities being returned to the client that does not match the account ID.


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