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Integrating Shopify with Listrak

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Short Note on Shopify and Listrak

Building an online store can be a daunting task,  but a hosted eCommerce solution such as Shopify allows you to set up an online store easily and quickly. The Shopify is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms in the world today. Shopify provides a lot of apps enabling new feature and API, webhook to Integrate with others.Personalization is the mantra of eCommerce today. It is important to promote the right products to the right customers at the right time. Sharing deep content and relevant product recommendations based on customer’s behavioral data becomes imperative for the success of an eCommerce platform.Email Marketing is another channel through which eCommerce merchants can engage the subscribers by sending content curated to their interests. Email Marketing is a great way for customers to interact with the brand.Listrak does the above efficiently with the help of artificial intelligence, actual human intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. It helps marketers unlock the power of their customer data to create personalized, interactions that drive incremental revenue, engagement, lifetime value, and growth.Dream Online Store

Integrating Shopify with Listrak

To integrate Shopify with Listrak, we need to create a private app in Shopify admin and share the app details to Listrak. We have to add the Javascript file provided by Listrak in theme files and Checkout page via additional scripts box provided in Shopify admin settings.Listrak has a bunch of Rest API for email features and functionalities including managing contacts, executing email campaigns and returning performance metrics. Shopify provides webhooks for Customer Registration, Order Confirmation and Order Fulfillment etc. We can use these webhooks to trigger the Listrak API and send an email during customer registration, order placement and fulfilment.Whenever customer signs up or logs in to the storefront, the personalized emails will be sent to the customer by calling Listrak API in customer registration webhook.Shopify IntegrationWhen the customer places an order, an email with order details and personalized content and product recommendations will be sent to the customer. This is done by configuring Listrak API to create webhook.shopify integrationListrak uses Direct API to pull the product and order data from Shopify. The application also uses the customer, order and product data to give customers a personalized experience with the help of the AI and predictive analytics. When a customer logs in to the store Listrak displays the right products to deliver the best user experience that is most likely to convert at that specific point in time.

Shopify and Listrak integration helps to maximize customer revenue by predicting and recommending the most relevant personalized products to the customer and nudging them toward the path to purchase.Personalization is one piece of the eCommerce puzzle. Learn more about Shopify services here.

As part of Shopify services, Listrak-Shopify Integration provides shared commerce data, pulling product and order data from the Shopify system through a direct API sync.


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