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New Web Services Options from Joomla Looks for Better Content Publishing

April 26, 2013 |
Magento Extensions

The need for content to be presentable in various formats and various devices has become a very vital thing of today’s technological advancement. RESTful web services API is the utmost need for Joomla to provide for such needs and requirements.

Every Joomla developer of today understands that it is not just enough to develop a website with content expecting the users to access and use information through a single web browser. There are a many devices for which there are exclusive operating systems and for these operating systems there is a myriad of browsers and other applications. The Joomla developers of today have to understand the necessity of developing versatile content and providing varied options for the users to pick from. If one platform or browser is neglected then there is a possibility of a set of audience to get neglected and this has to be completed made sure does not happen.

Joomla as a content management system has been looking to be more open to new and innovative methods of viewing, manipulating and publishing content for its audience and the Joomla programmers too are being active in this task of development. In a world of distributed hypermedia Joomla is emerging as a leader and it is looking to provide comprehensive standards-based REST API using which a Joomla programmer can publish content and make it visible in an efficient way.

Though there is a lot of work to be done for these changes to happen for the platform to scale, the prospects are looking better for Joomla for many developers to look into.


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