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Order Management Made Easy With DDI System

Sreedevi R
March 26, 2021 |
DDI System - Inform ERP

Digital transformation is the buzzword that has been doing rounds more than ever in recent times. The groundbreaking shift to eCommerce ensued in 2020 is witnessing the B2B spectrum consistently looking for the best ways to go digital. With 62% of distributors and wholesalers already marching on to the online space, the B2B eCommerce game has been already set in motion, onwards and upwards.

Among the numerous technologies and solutions that surround the distribution industry, one particular solution stands out, offering a great deal of ease in executing business operations- the ERP system. Providing an encompassing view of all your operations, ERP takes data handling to a whole new level.

DDI System, with its impeccable order management capabilities, becomes the perfect fellow mate in your eCommerce ride. Offering Inform ERP solution, advanced order fulfillment features are brought in to smoothen the entire order processing, while easing your efforts by enabling you to operate from anywhere across any devices. 

Along with Inform ERP, DDI System also has to its credit the Inform eCommerce Pro, a scalable eCommerce solution, best suited for distributors. Providing an exceptional solution with which the customers can easily interact, it allows them to interact with your company at any time. 

Putting forth an impactful customer experience, they get easy access to a full product catalog including upsell products, order history, pricing, and invoices via its intuitive customer portal. From enhanced attribute filters, self-service account management to sales tax automation, the features of Inform eCommerce Pro put in place a customizable webstore.

Read on to know more about how DDI System comes up with spotless solutions to ease one of the most crucial aspects of distribution- order management. 

Four Reasons Why DDI System Excels In Order Management

1. Inventive Technology

The Inform ERP software provides user-friendly screens, facilitating counter sales. Supporting a hurdle-free experience across mobile devices makes the data accessible, anytime and anywhere.

Being the first entrant of the DDI System’s next-generation cloud ERP, InformMobile eases your work across any device, eliminating the need to install any software. Its best-in-class user interface is especially handy for your sales team, aiding customer service, working on multiple functionalities including editing or creating orders and quotes.

Get hold of sales opportunity reports, quotes, orders, invoices, and backorders in just a single click. Keep an eye on order status, invoices, customer accounts, and sales history with productive tools of InformMobile. Its QuickOrder VMI enhances the scanning functionality. With your smartphones and tablets, you can scan the barcoded product and bin labels to create proposals and sales orders.

DDI System calls forth inventive technology

2. Streamlined Workflow

The software puts in place a streamlined order entry system. Access all your customer’s relevant information instantly to ensure proper order fulfillment. Pricing controls for orders can be easily managed as it provides a competitive pricing tab to check on various deals and discounts. Order procurement and delivery can be better monitored by tracking stock transfers, special orders, and drop shipments. Split orders in terms of backorders or warehouse orders, while also keeping track of returns and warranty replacements. In addition to the provision for boundless ship-to accounts, you can also make a note of credit and budget verification. With serial numbers, handling repair orders is made smooth, and efficiently carry out special order parts tracking. Automated customer ship date with override is also made possible for both complete order or by line item.

3. Enhanced Order Fulfillment Process

Minimize the hurdles in your order fulfillment process by carrying out multiple tasks from a single screen. The software provides a sales order control panel through which you can complete all your order entry processes. Its order entry system allows you to accelerate order processing, keep track of linked purchase orders, examine stock, verify shipping preferences, and many more via a single screen. You can also convert quotes into orders with just a click. In addition to being equipped with accessory and substitute item suggestions, carry out regular follow-ups of orders and quotes. Create new sales orders or quotes from the CRM contact record. For any number of items, you can directly enter the quantity ordered straight from the product search screen.   DDI System puts in place a simpler order processing mechanism with automated proof of delivery, superior POS processing components, and signature capture being made handy. With the provisions for OrderConnect and APConnect modules, you can easily accept electronic orders without the additional burden of manual entry.DDI System eases order fulfillment process

4. Accuracy of Operations

The software facilitates advanced Business Intelligence to guarantee the accuracy of business processes. The demand forecasting tool lets you keep the inventory in check to avoid any confusions when the orders come flowing in or while dealing with recurring orders. Intelligent Demand Analysis assesses the historical sales data pertaining to each product in all warehouses and organizes them into different demand types such as recurring, seasonal, or sporadic. It, thereby, aids you to manage increasing inventory turns and order fill rates. All the necessary tools come in your grip through the cutting-edge purchasing screens and demand forecast algorithms. With that array of tools, keep your inventory ready for potential orders. Eventually leading to accordingly minimizing the inventory, you can reduce the inventory carrying costs. With the sales transaction in progress, easily set up vendor warranty information with all the important fields. Set apart any particular information for which you might need instant access. Effectively manage warranty claims by tracing vendor warranty submissions that need to look into vendor reimbursement claims, and the submitted claims will automatically find their place in your General Ledger. Without a doubt, DDI System offers the best possible ERP software and solutions to get through any hurdles in handling data. Is that all? Or do you need anything more? The answer comes in the name of an integration platformHere’s how!

Attain Automated Order Synchronization With DCKAP Integrator – An Integration Platform

Manual data entry often becomes cumbersome and error-prone, taking much of your time in examining the correctness of the data that is entered. Tiresome, of course! This is exactly the reason why data automation is, by and large, becoming the buzzword in digital commerce. With high-grade automation and data synchronization, DCKAP Integrator, the enterprise integration platform offered by DCKAP, provides the most perfect synchronization of all your data to and fro your eCommerce platform, ERP, Marketplaces, CRM, SCM, and many others. Proceed with integrating both your on-premise and cloud applications with leading eCommerce platforms and applications including Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Adobe Experience 360, Salesforce, Sage, HubSpot, among many others. With DCKAP Integrator, drive in automation and manage all your data in one place. Be sure of error-free integrations as you can test them before making them live, and fix any, if necessary. You can also include more integrations with any application even without affecting the current ones. Leverage custom integration modules and custom APIs expand the scope of data transfer. Ensuring flawless data flow of key business use cases, you no longer will be bothered by data redundancy. Perfect synchronization of orders comes to place with the orders placed in your eCommerce website being updated in the ERP system in both real-time or in the preset scheduled time, as per your requirement.  

  • Offline order sync: DCKAP Integrator also accounts for offline order synchronization. Once the order is made, the details of which are entered in your ERP system will be automatically reflected online in your eCommerce space. 
  • Backorder sync: You can handle backorders effortlessly. Customers can place orders irrespective of the quantity of stock. Once the stock levels are refilled, all the details will be updated in your systems.
  • Standing order sync: Customers can buy items in bulk and get them delivered periodically and you will be saved from the difficulties in managing data related to such standing orders. All relevant data relating to standing orders are synced to keep everyone in the loop. 
  • Request quote sync: As the customer requests quotes, they get submitted from the pricing library. The price is already set in sync and it will be reflected during the buying process. 
  • Order processing sync: All the required information related to delivery, invoice, payment, and shipping are updated in the eCommerce storefront for the customers to get a holistic view.
  • Order status sync: You can synchronize order processing that are executed in your ERP system with your eCommerce platforms so that your customers can keep track of order status, delivery date, etc. making the order data handy.

With the complete automation that DCKAP Integrator guarantees, data synchronization is more hassle-free than ever. Thrive in the endless integrations that our integration platform facilitates to bring in error-free handling of business operations.Cloras brings in impeccable order synchronization

Concluding Thoughts

As the pandemic caused a drastic shift in the distribution industry, the U.S. saw a humongous transition into eCommerce where the digital transformation that was expected to take over 10 years was executed in just 90 days. Added to its own pros in going digital, the ease of conducting business cannot be neglected. Our skilled and certified developers come with the right expertise to curate your eCommerce website aligning with the ideal integration solution to keep up with the current web standards. With the guaranteed customization and automation, unlock the unparalleled integration opportunities and augment your online storefront to ride high in the world of digital commerce.

Sreedevi R

Sreedevi R is a content writer at DCKAP. Being an eCommerce enthusiast, she has a keen interest in exploring the dynamics of digital commerce and aspires to bring them to light through her words. She is in a constant sprint for expanding her knowledge base in eCommerce and looks forward to polishing the craft of writing. A cinephile as always, you can find her engrossed in watching movies during her free time.

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