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Thank You All For Making Chennai Magento Meetup Successful

Mohan Natarajan
November 20, 2017 |

Thank you, everyone, for joining us at 8th Chennai Magento Meetup @DCKAP, Chennai, India.

DCKAP has been organizing Magento Meetups in Chennai for the past 3 Years. We are one of the largest Magento Meetup groups in the world. As of today, we are close to 500 members of the group.

The goal of the meetup is to create an opportunity for Magento enthusiasts to meet, mingle and share their ideas, learnings, and experiences with the community here. Please look at our journey.

After the introductory handshakes, the first session began with Praveen Venugopal, Project Manager, DCKAP. He explained in detail the new features and functionalities in Magento 2.2 and the exclusive features available only in Magento EE. He also showcased some of the Magento2.2 B2B features like Quick Order and Request a Quote.

He spoke at length about various Magento Editions and why/when we need to go for different editions. (Community, Enterprise, and Enterprise Cloud).

After the refreshments, next session was by Senthil Kumar, Head of Technologies at Aahaa Stores and a Magento Certified Developer Plus Professional.

His presentation was about GST (Goods and Service Tax) customization and implementation in Magento2. He explained the intricacies of GST and its calculations.

It was a very interactive session with animated discussions on how native Magento Tax management works and how we can reuse the existing class and customize it without writing too many lines of codes.

The last session was by Jayakanth, Magento Certified Developer Plus Professional at DCKAP. He talked about how FPC (Full Page Cache) helps to improve the performance in Magento2 store.

The discussion veered towards Varnish and its role in improving front-end performance. There was a debate on whether Varnish or CDN/AmazonCloudFront was the best option to improve performance.

There were technical deep dives on setting cacheable false for pages that have dynamic content’ and preparing blocks for hole punching in Magento 2.

Jayakanth is an official MagentoU Authorized Instructor, and he has conducted Magento 2 development training sessions both in-house and in client’s facilities. If looking for building your Magento development expertise, please feel free to get in touch with us. We conduct Magento2 Developer Bootcamps regularly, and the next training session is on Jan 9-12 2018. Please reach out to me at for more details.

Karthik Chidambaram, Founder & CEO, DCKAP, who continues to support and encourage the Chennai Magento Meetups talked his plan to conduct the event across Tamil Nadu and reach out to the Magento Community in Tier II cities too.

He presented the memento to our guest speaker Senthilkumar. Networking & Lunch followed this.

We are also planning to host the TechEvent/Hackathon in various cities in TamilNadu, India and California, UnitedStates.

If you are from TamilNadu, India and have not yet joined our meetup group, please join here.

If you are from Bay Area, California join our Bay Area Magento Meetup here.

Thank you and see you all again at our next Magento Meetup.

Mohan Natarajan

A speaker at Imagine 2017, Mohan heads the Customer Success at DCKAP. Within a span of 7 years, Mohan has acquired all four Magento Certificates and offers impeccable knowledge in the Magento platform, and has evolved as a Solution Architect, developing a handful of Magento Extensions for numerous B2B customers. In addition to being an active member of Chennai Magento Community, he leads the Chennai Magento Meetup events. He is keen and proud to serve the eCommerce Community, thanks to his boundless expertise in the ecosystem. Furthermore, he was honored as one of the top contributors in the 2017 Magento Live India event and 2018 Meet Magento India event. Being a huge fan of the Magento Community, Mohan is glued to Twitter and LinkedIn. Loves to surf and play Table Tennis, when not working in Magento projects and managing DCKAP Store.

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