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User Management with vizB

Rohan Kulkarni
July 27, 2021 |


User management plays an important role in every organization, it helps focus its core teams to build the health of a business or a specific process by not confusing them with the information they won’t require. Most of the compliance policies begin with data to better protect sensitive information such as proprietary or invaluable customer information by limiting access to authorized individuals. vizB can help you do that with ease. 

What is user management?

User Management in the simplest terms is the ability to empower an administrator to manage user access to various sensitive data resources of their organization. User Management is fundamental security essential for any organization which enables admins to control user access, assign dedicated roles, and help maintain data security, etc. 

Benefits of having an in application user management tool:

Data Security and Control:

User management helps solve the problem of managing user access to various data resources of your business. As an example, the marketing team will not generally require access to the resources of the accounting team, or an employee on the marketing team likely doesn’t need access to internal sales accounting and vice versa. User management enables administrators to manage resources and provision users based on need and role while keeping their digital assets secure. 

Ease of use

vizB provides a user-friendly platform for you to manage and create users with customizable options to control what section of your data insights should be visible to them. The application makes administration easier by empowering you to add, remove, or change previous roles of your users with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to maintain on-premise infrastructure.

Steps to create and manage users. 

Creating Users

The User Management tool in vizB allows you to create users, to access the insights and data of your business to better build your organization. It provides a means to assign roles and select what sections of the application would be accessible by the created user.

Managing your Users

Managing users via the User Management tool within vizB is as easy as creating new users. You can modify what section an existing user can view and interact with, also the tool allows you to suspend or delete the user. 

In conclusion, vizB not only provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators, business forecasts, and many other key predictive analytics for your data but can help you manage user access to your data insights allowing your team to be more efficient, be focused, and build your business.

Rohan Kulkarni

My passion to automate and build solutions on AI's ability to absorb/ interpret information dictates my work as an AI engineer. I enjoy building and experimenting with classical machine learning algorithms and deep learning models. I like reading on new tech while for fun I play CSGO and hunt for stories/ patterns in my surroundings.

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