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vizB’s Insightful Knowledge/Analytical Power

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Every business wishes to build on retaining their customers, reaching out to the right audience to upsell, and have an explainable relative understanding of their sales dependencies to make optimized business decisions, this is where the ‘Analyst’ comes into the picture, analysts play the most important role in exploring and bringing hidden insights for your business which can lead to achieving more success for your organization. However hiring a team of analysts isn’t always an option, more so learning analytical tools to do it yourself is most of the time quite difficult. 

This doesn’t mean you should ignore the information that your e-commerce data can bring, since data alone can deliver insights about a company’s products, services, and customers, which definitely is very valuable. This is also one reason why some of the fastest-growing companies have managed to stay ahead.

The whats of vizB

vizB! An analytical tool with integrated state-of-the-art technology that gives you the power to be a business analyst. vizB or visual beacon allows you to understand the analytical and statistical information without the need of an expert analyst and will help you to make smarter data-driven decisions. 

The knowledge from the user-friendly dashboard that vizB provides can help change the game to make your business more customer-centric, understand hidden trends, and help you build strategic decisions to increase your organization’s revenue.

Analytical features of vizB

vizB provides many features like “Predictive Forecasting”, “Sales and Product analysis” with a simple user interface to leverage over, and “Customer segmentation” that can help explore your target audiences/ ideal customers and in better customer management. 

vizB gives you the power to visualize different quantities sold based on the prices, individual product analytics to thoroughly examine the quantity of each product ordered by your customers, this insight can help you leverage the information about product popularity and explore more information about product variant popularities to further make decisions to improve product approvability amongst your customers. This segment will also allow you to customize the visualization according to your metric needs.

Product Scorecards on vizB is a powerful segment, to explore individual products and it’s inventory information. You can customize the board based on what you are looking for, isolate a specific product or segment the results based on the product stock availability. 

The product section while can be used to explore a huge range of product analytics, it also provides quick self-explanatory charts for fast Moving and slow-moving products and an Inventory performance measure. You also can generate and download databanks in a CSV format to share within your team.


In conclusion, e-commerce data analysis helps explore and identify trends, anomalies and answer specific questions about your sales, inventory processes, and overall customer trends, but various available analytical tools are more complex to use and require a special analytical team trained to get the most out of them and the team also needs to be able to explain the results of these available tools to other members of your organization, which often can be difficult and complex.

That’s why our user-friendly vizB dashboard can become an effective tool to infer/ extract analytical, statistical metrics, and predictive analysis together into something that’s simple and easy for the whole team to understand which then can be used to help them quickly build strategies to take meaningful decisions to optimize your organization’s performance and revenue.

Rohan Kulkarni

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