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Why online stores need Digital Asset Management?

Praveen Kumar H
July 18, 2019 |
Digital Asset Management

These days, customers are keen to know maximum information about a product before purchase. Satisfying an online shopper is only possible if we provide the appropriate content with supporting photos and videos to sustain our claims.

Images create impressions, and builds trust around the products we showcase. Not all media files can be stored in a local system as it comes with a fair share of risks, data loss, system crash, etc. This is where Digital Asset Management step in to shine — simplifying and streamlining the workflow by storing multimedia files of the entire company in a single repository.

In a research, 85% of marketers say there was demand to create digital assets and deliver campaigns faster, while 79% of organizations see revenue gains of 10% or more from using DAM. Read further to understand how DAM helps companies efficiently manage rich media and images.

Digital Asset Management

A library of every business’ media and content.

Digital Asset Management software plays a significant part in content management and digital architecture of any business which deals with a wide range of products. It provides a comfortable search environment for the employees wanting to access the files, and create compelling content to allure customers.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a treasury where all the rich media content are stored together: images, videos, text, music, animation, podcasts, posters, catalogs, application files, spreadsheets and other multimedia resources.

Why every online business must have a Digital Asset Management solution?

Undoubtedly DAM provides the ability to manage the whole lifecycle of digital assets and ensures all the information is stored perfectly. But in the backend, DAM does a lot more than what meets the eye of customers. Let us delve into the world of DAM and understand how it helps to enhance your business.

Increase ROI

By storing all the data in one place, the concerned team devotes time for creativity rather than for searching files. This helps very much in enhancing productivity, which leads to a direct impact on sales and ROI.

Ease Of Use

Uploading images one after one is a time consuming and tiring process. But with the help of a DAM System — adding, editing, and transferring files is more seamless than ever. All the user has to do is convert into zip files and click the ‘Bulk Import’ button for them to be in DAM storage.

Quick Access

Ever taken loads of time to find content amidst tons of files? This is a common occurrence for businesses dealing with many products. DAM lets you store the data with categories of your choice, with quick access to all files.

Saves Time

Knowing where the exact files and content are stored saves a lot of time for employees. This also fastens the time-to-store rate, as content can be upgraded quickly to the website.

Advanced Search

In a conventional system, search methods function by file name, date, and so on. Whereas, in DAM, the search flow is specialized with varied options to yield results with keywords, subcategories, ability to know which user uploaded a specific image, filters, users, and more.


Never worry about safety as every cloud Digital Asset Management prioritizes security, and ensures all the files are protected with multiple layers. Even the channels they are sent through are security complied with powerful protocols.

Controlled Access

Decide who gets access to what, and get to know who did what changes. With role-based access, the stakeholders can hold a grip on the DAM. The choice to assign read and role-based access, or edit based access, is with us.

Simplified User Interface

A good design makes complicated things simple, and this is precisely what DAM does. Navigating and working on a DAM system is a hassle-free process. It ensures all users can easily manage digital assets with a rich UI.

Connect With Other Systems

There come certain times when files in the DAM may be needed beyond the current system. Every DAM is equipped and loaded with all the functionalities to integrate with any existing/new PIM, ERP, CRM, BAM, and more.


The core intent of DCKAP PIM is to let customers have compelling customer experiences, and this is only possible if your online store is filled with rich, up-to-date content. To achieve this, all the product data must be maintained intuitively, and that is where DCKAP PIM steps in to help – by conveniently supporting DAM and ensuring all users feel comfortable handling it.

DCKAP PIM lets you elegantly and intuitively handle all the digital data, no matter how large product data and SKUs are, of your company.

Choose compatibility? Choose DCKAP PIM! Get in touch to explore how DCKAP PIM will complement your business in seamlessly managing your company’s either product data.

Praveen Kumar H

Praveen Kumar is a UI/UX Designer at flexiPIM. With 2 years of experience, he is passionate about the website building, front end development. and a keen liking to develop alluring websites.

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