DCKAP PIM Features

From maintenance of products in a single space to managing data seamlessly with the assistance of multi channel support, DCKAP PIM is packed with all the powerful features you need to manage your company’s products data, and the company itself.

flexiPIM Features
Multi-channel option

Multi-channel Ecosystem

Provide a single source of truth in all channels and marketplaces where your products are listed.


Flexible Import

Need to import a massive amount of product data? We made it simple. Just copy and paste.

Multi-Language option


Expand your reach and sell across boundaries – increase your profits sooner than you think.


Rules Automation

Decide which products appear where. Map products, set rules, automate and increase holiday sales.

Asset management

Digital Asset Management

All your digital assets – images, audio, video, and more, in one place. Save time and release products faster.

Audit Logs

Audit Logs

Every change in the backend, tracked. This way, it is easier to document and assess what went wrong.

Flexible Import

Easy Syndication

Whichever platform your online store is built, sync it effortlessly and ensure complete data transfer.


Single Storage System

All the product data, no matter how big it is, will be stored in one repository, accessible to everyone.


Bulk Edit

Edit in one go with Bulk Edit option and continue to focus on achieving your business goals.

Category Management

Categorize Products

Create categories of products and efficiently store your data so that it is easy to find and edit.


Built-in Connectors

Seamlessly connect PIM with your ERP and eCommerce Store with our built-in connector.

Channel Readiness

Channel Readiness

Create a channel and configure which data (products, features, etc.) should go to your online store.


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