DCKAP eSessions 2021

Acing Magento Commerce with Midland Scientific

March 9, 2021 | 10.00am EST to 1.00pm EST

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Acing Magento Commerce with Midland Scientific

The upcoming DCKAP eSession will take you through the journey of Midland Scientific, a multifaceted, multi-based lab products company that was in need of transforming online. With DCKAP guiding the way and ensuring the end to end implementation, we’re able to provide insight into Magento Commerce Edition and how it helped an entity as formidable as this to achieve their goals.

Our partners Magento, Nexcess and Avalara will be featured in this session to talk about some of the benefits and strategies behind the solutions, the best ways to improve processes, and the most significant takeaways for B2B merchants. Alongside insight directly from Rodrigo Neves of Midland Scientific, we will highlight their success story and show how our solutions came together to create a flawless system for their continued growth in digital commerce.

Join us as we go through the commercial aspects of Magento, with flawless middleware integration by Cloras, web hosting challenges mitigated by Nexcess, tax compliance insights from Avalara, and the aggregation of it all carried out by DCKAP.

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Key Takeaways:

  • An in-depth case study that covers the holistic aspects of setting up an online front.
  • Hear from B2B eCommerce experts at Magento, Nexcess, and Avalara!
  • Learn how these forces came together to create an efficient system that maximizes profit.
  • Find Out How Integration with Cloras Can Help Boost Your Sales!


10:00am - 11:00am EST

Pre-Event Networking Room

11:00am - 11:05am EST

Housekeeping with Tim Diep

11:05am - 11:20am EST

Ensuring growth and sales by choosing a robust platform

Rodrigo Neves at Midland Scientific

11:20am - 11:40am EST

Importance of tax regulation for a B2B eCommerce set up

Jordan Carpenter at Avalara

11:40am - 12.00pm EST

Enterprise hosting made easy with Magento Commerce

Gary Smith at Nexcess

12:00pm - 12.30pm EST

Combining the right middleware solution and choosing DCKAP for Midland Scientific Implementation

Haritha Sridhar at DCKAP

12.30pm EST - 1.00pm EST

Discussion Panel moderated by Catherine Sulskis

Rodrigo Neves at Midland Scientific
TBA at Magento
Haritha Sridhar at Cloras
Jordan Carpenter at Avalara
Gary Smith at Nexcess

1.15pm EST - 1.45pm EST

Post-Event Networking Session

Our Speakers


Strategic Partner Development Manager, Nexcess

Gary Smith is a Strategic Partner Development Manager for Nexcess. He’s worked in the eCommerce industry since the early 2000’s as a merchant, consultant and agency manager. Since the early days of Magento, he’s seen the potential in Magento’s customizable and extendable platform. He lives in Huntsville AL.


Strategic Alliance Manager, Avalara

Jordan has spent the last 9 years within the technology sector with the past 2 managing alliances for Avalara. With a passion for eCommerce, Jordan decided to take a role that allowed him to work closely with agencies in this space.

He is passionate about sales tax and works to ensure that his partners, as well as their clients, have a strong understanding of the tax landscape and benefits of automation.


Director of Information Technology, Midland Scientific

Rodrigo is an experienced digital leader with 5 years of industry experience focused on digital transformation. Experienced in leading results-driven teams, managing short and long-term projects, from concept to completion. He is an expert at curating eBusiness strategies, B2B and B2C eCommerce, Software Development amongst many other roles.


Senior Software Engineer, DCKAP

An integral cog of DCKAP’s Magento team, Haritha is an experienced coder and her expertise lies in solving intricacies for clients from both- B2B and B2C commerce. She was one of the primary team members to create the presence of Midland Scientific online and has taken care of the technicalities with her problem solving nature and systematic approach.

eSession Host :

Timothy Diep
Customer Success Manager at DCKAP

Moderator: Panel discussion

Catherine Sulskis
Marketing & Partnerships at DCKAP