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Attain Ideal Integration Solution With Distribution One ERP

Sreedevi R
December 2, 2020 |
DCKAP - Integration-solution-with-distribution-one-erp

Agility and scalability always go hand-in-hand as you envision the foreseeable future. Coupled with the right technology, your eCommerce venture demands an impeccable synchronization of all the touchpoints to aim high for operational excellence. Here, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) becomes the missing piece of your puzzle.

With 82% of the companies achieving ROI within the stipulated time, ERP integration has time and again been proven worthy of investment for distributors and wholesalers. From consolidating all your data to overviewing business operations, ERP solutions bring with them a comprehensive solution to simplify your complex procedures.

Why Distribution One ERP? 

Offering ERP-ONE+, the 64-bit all-blanketing ERP solution, Distribution One enhances interconnectivity, while automating all prime processes. Extending support to multiple industries, its ERP solution brings all the functionalities under one umbrella, seeing to it that you are assured of a coherent and cohesive workflow. With all the added benefits ushered in, Distribution One delivers an end-to-end integration solution to meet all the requirements. 

Read on to know more about its core features.

Four Inviting Reasons to Rely on Distribution One ERP Solution

1. User-friendly Operational Enhancements

ERP solutions of Distribution One will help you adapt to innovations and market trends, simultaneously guaranteeing operational flexibility as you have the upper hand in aligning your process flow. The optimal features include options to ascertain the exact demand for your inventory so that you can navigate your operations accordingly.The easy-to-use software solution accommodates audit inquiry capabilities that have uncomplicated functionalities. The ACH-NACHA format supported by Distribution One initiates the payment procedures successfully and you can get hold of crucial data in just a click. Reminders or invoices are produced automatically and are directly sent through emails via software, reducing extra efforts. 

2. Easy Access to Customer Data and Enhanced Communication

With the ERP-ONE+ system enhancing the communication aspect, you can deliver the required information to your customers at a faster pace. The software solutions of Distribution One facilitates regular follow-ups through collection calls along with email notifications.   Since the software solution is interlinked, you can get hold of the present and historical data belonging to any touchpoint. Apart from analyzing the customer’s buying history, your customer’s previous and current information is made available in just a click. The interconnectivity further eases the procedures right from sales order to billing.Distribution One ERP improves data accessibility

3. Undemanding Business Functionalities

Automation brought about by ERP-ONE+ reduces the hindrances faced in traditional processes. These automated operations bring forth precise data and user efficiency, aiding the formulation of strategies and plans. Information on order inquiry and user-defined order class comes in handy for keeping the inventory in check. The ERP solution also brings with it, a multi-bracket price book that includes multiple pricing classifications like volume pricing, standard contract pricing, future pricing, and many more that would manage any pricing circumstances. Business ratios and consolidated financial statements can be quickly ascertained, considerably reducing manual efforts. Additionally, the flexibility of operations is ensured in the ‘un-bill’ option that does away with any excessive credit. 

4. Easy Report Generation

An overview into accounting or working costs results in quick generation of profitability reports, which is in addition to procuring various reports for any particular period. Apart from reporting the Item Pick Frequency and inventory timeline, the ERP-ONE+ solution also takes into account vendor rebate tracking and reporting. Information relating to budget and the actual position can be easily obtained to alter your strategies depending on where you actually stand. The solution supports stock status reporting to give a clear idea of the current market trends. The GMROI ‘Turn and Earn’ reporting is also facilitated by ERP-ONE+ that would aid you in walking a fine line between turns and gross margins.Report generation becomes easier using ERP solutions

Distribution One ERP: The Nitty-Gritty

Sales Order Entry

ERP-ONE+ solution brings inventory status, information on customer orders, and the pricing details of each order in one place, facilitating instant access to all significant information. The flexibility of the software enables you to cater to the needs of individual users. This 64-bit software also makes it easy to monitor your inventory and commit or allocate stock for your customers.  The purchase history of your customer can be assessed in order entry. Details of blanket orders, counter sales, and sales analysis are readily available. From the authorization of returned goods to all-inclusive order entry, the software offered by Distribution One calls for transparency at all touchpoints.The ‘unusual sales’ option lets you ascertain the actual demand for a particular inventory. Managing Pro-forma invoice, debit memos, and credit memos is also made easier, while also allowing room for international addresses and currencies. Moreover, ERP-ONE+ solution supports multiple pricing capabilities, supporting rebates, and contracts.

Inventory Management

Working towards the perfect control of inventory is crucial for all wholesalers and distributors. The effortless item setup adequately fits in both simple and advanced approaches in inventory management. While ERP-ONE+ software looks into inter-warehouse and branch transfers, it also accounts for flexible options for physical inventory.Audits of transactions in inventory are carried out effortlessly and also spreads its gaze into the reorder point that is necessary while estimating the availability of inventory. The solution enables you to oversee the backorder processing by having a closer look at the productivity ensued in your warehouses. By allowing more than one costing option, ERP-ONE+ also smoothens inventory valuation. The accurate delivery of information related to dead stock lets you have a clear picture of the demands of your customers. Automated lead time calculation and future price updates will provide you with adequate direction when looking to expand your B2B eCommerce venture. Additionally, the wireless Warehouse+ identifies any disturbance in operations and removes this hindrance by establishing a fast connection to pick up from where it was left off.

Finance Management

The ERP-ONE+ solution of Distribution One makes the process for accounting transactions simpler by demanding only a single step from your end. You can weigh up budget statements by juxtaposing it with income statements that are taken in along with cash flow statements and balance sheets. As you enter the next fiscal year, the solution automatically carries forward all the adjustments made in the previous year into the new balance sheet. Client-defined historical reports can be accessed irrespective of any period in time. A pop-up window enabled by the Cash Management System instantly gives you all relevant information related to the customer’s payment history.Automated reversal of recurring journal entries along with easy access to cash flow analysis and cash expected report provide a clear overview of your financial position. The solution also enables automated credit review prior to and post the order entry. With fully automated calculation on due dates and discounting, Distribution One ERP considerably eases the hectic task of financial management.Distribution One ERP improves finance management


ERP-ONE+ software gives way for intelligent purchasing that looks into suggested inventory replenishment, customer requests, and inventory linking. Accurate reports and on-line displays are brought to your doorstep after faultlessly processing all the significant information. Purchase Orders are automatically mailed to the vendors and simultaneously tracks all the goods that are being shipped. Adding to Purchase Order inquiries being evaluated at all levels, the inventory replenishment option facilitates automated Purchase Order creation. Monitoring the purchasing process is made smooth with adequate access to Purchase Order history, while also providing a link to the Accounts Payable vouchering. Receiving sheets and expediting reports are made readily available, enabling a quick glance into your operations. In addition to the adaptable costing options, you can effortlessly look into drop shipments and backorder processing. A complete Purchase Order audit can be carried out effectively with the help of optimal features of Distribution One ERP solutions. 

Shipping Integration 

With all the applications of Distribution One being enabled to integrate with FedEx Ship Manager Software, you can take care of all the shipping procedures of ERP-ONE+ software. By linking the FedEx Ship Manager Software to its functionalities, ERP-ONE+ does away with manually overseeing the exchange of data with multiple systems for customer service, orders, shipping, and logistics tracking.  Moreover, the inclusion of FedEx Ship Manager has added benefits since for the most part, it holds up transactions of:

  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Express Freight
  • FedEx Home Delivery

The easily accessible address book that is included in the software is open to quicker updates. Procurement of shipping labels is also made effective and simpler. Requirements of delivery signatures are open to various choices and it also hosts a built-in help menu that calls for undemanding operations.

Unlock Flawless Integration Possibilities With Cloras

Adding to all the positives of ERP solutions, the role of the right middleware solution can never be undermined. DCKAP has brought about Cloras, the ideal middleware solution that forms the bridge between your ERP solutions and your eCommerce platform. A platform-agnostic solution, Cloras makes the automation of ERP systems with eCommerce platforms including Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and SAP Commerce Cloud easier. The endless integration possibilities that come with it will see the smooth connection of business endpoints along with SCM, CRM, marketplaces including other third-party applications with Distribution One ERP.By centralizing the data at an accessible location, you can enhance the operations of the ERP system by reducing the time taken to gain information from various applications and departments. The pre-built connectors of Cloras aid integrations with any application, while the flow designer provides for an effective pseudo-code based interface for easy operations. Along with advanced mapping and modifiers that ease data transfer, Cloras also facilitates the assessment of transactions and their outcomes. Synchronization of data in real-time in a completely secure platform and streamline your operations effectively.

Integrating Distribution One ERP With Your eCommerce Platform

No distribution enterprise can steer clear of sound and intact integration possibilities, especially when data management forms the biggest barricade in your way of smooth performance. The promises put forth regarding perfect ERP solutions stay true for 95% of the companies, bringing about ease in overall operations.Seamless integration with eCommerce platformYour choice of ERP software should also reflect the agility and responsiveness that it guarantees. The all-inclusive features of the ERP solutions offered by Distribution One look into the backend aspects including managing order and inventory, in addition to eliminating the grueling pain point in manual transfer of all your data. The expertise of the best developers in sync with the perfect middleware solution is everything and more that you need for a flawless integration, optimizing your eCommerce operations. With our team of integration experts, clear all the roadblocks in your way and get hold of perfect solutions to make your eCommerce journey intact.

Sreedevi R

Sreedevi R is a content writer at DCKAP. Being an eCommerce enthusiast, she has a keen interest in exploring the dynamics of digital commerce and aspires to bring them to light through her words. She is in a constant sprint for expanding her knowledge base in eCommerce and looks forward to polishing the craft of writing. A cinephile as always, you can find her engrossed in watching movies during her free time.

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