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Three Enticing Ways To Hit On Robust Integration With Infor ERP

Sreedevi R
February 25, 2021 |
Infor ERP

“ERP is commonly misperceived as a computer system. Not so. It’s a people system made possible by a computer system.” 

– ERP: Making It Happen, written by Michael H. Kremzar and Thomas F. Wallace

Flexibility and transparency of operations are the two cornerstones for a smooth and continuous workflow in the eCommerce realm. But to reach them demands you to catch hold of the perfect ERP system that can bring all the information you need at your fingertips. As the global ERP market has already tightened its hold, the market value of ERP software is expected to touch $97.15 billion in 2024, securing its power over the flawless conduct of operations. Finding your grip on the perfect ERP system is your way to scalability.With many solutions it offers, Infor ERP stands out from the numerous ERP systems that you are surrounded with.  Why Distribution SX.e of Infor ERP? Being the industry-specific ERP solution, Distribution SX.e comes with cutting-edge features for distributors ranging from omnichannel support, value-added services to micro-vertical specific functionality. From managing the warehouse workflow or optimizing order processing, Distribution SX.e brings into place a comprehensive overview of all your processes. Along with Infor ERP, get hold of the ways to thrive on data automation that comes to place via the perfect integration platform to enhance your eCommerce journey. That being said, your reasons to rely on them just don’t stop here. Read on to widen your integration solutions and possibilities.

Optimize Integration With Infor ERP’s Distribution SX.e 

Inventory Management

Inventory management and control are made easy with Distribution SX.e. You can not only work on varied inventory processes but also set reorder points and print physical count sheets. Using the vendor-managed inventory tools, oversee off-site inventory that is managed by vendors.Record and track all transactions like the vendor on-sale rebate process that will be smoothened through automation, with the electronic distribution of data coming into play between distributors and manufacturers. With Infor ERP’s Distribution SX.e, storing non-stock products in inventory need not call for the creation of any product record or category.Its advanced inventory management enables advanced statistical forecasting, configurable ordering control, and dynamic replenishment methodologies that will help you work on a huge number of SKUs pertaining to stock and non-stock items that are spread across different locations. You can also deploy complex ordering formulas and inventory controls at numerous levels such as product-line, warehouse, region, etc.Infor ERP eases inventory management

Order Management

A phase in your business operations that has to be handled keenly, order management should be enhanced to ensure a smooth workflow. Being one of the core features of Infor Distribution SX.e, you are provided with many added benefits to strengthen the functionalities related to managing your orders. Distribution SX.e facilitates the automation of multi-channel ordering processes to meticulously streamline the operations. Various order processing options are made available that will align with the individual needs of the customers. A few of the options include:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) orders
  • Non-stock orders
  • High volume order entry
  • Online orders

Through Distribution SX.e, Infor ERP makes way for a rules-based order fulfillment engine. Additionally, you can also gain all the required information relating to the sales history of the customer, replacement products that are available, product specifications, and many more to process any order or request.

Financial Management

With Infor ERP’s Distribution SX.e, gain greater transparency into financial position and operations, while also reaping the benefit of processing transactions efficiently across all channels. In addition to keeping track of every rebate, you can manage pricing processes with more accuracy as Distribution SX.e backs pricing methods that are in plenty as well as complicated such as:

  • Contract pricing
  • Matrix pricing
  • Packaging breaks
  • Quantity breaks
  • Special pricing arrangements 

Considerably reduce the hurdles in keeping up with multiple locations and minimize your processing fees by delivering all-inclusive information about your transactions to the credit card companies. You can also look into mass maintenance on each and every customer pricing record types and rebate subtypes such as vendor on purchase, vendor on sale, and customer.Infor ERP eases finance management

Integration Made Flawless With DCKAP Integrator – An Integration Platform

Deploying the ERP system is not the endgame in your integration process. Make it a hassle-free ride that lifts manual data entry by bringing in complete automation via the integration platform. DCKAP Integrator, the enterprise integration platform, offered by DCKAP, couples your eCommerce platform with your ERP system, CRM, Marketplaces, SCM, and many more. Being an agile platform, DCKAP Integrator becomes the ideal middleware solution that guarantees the flexibility of endless integrations of your business applications. Being the platform-agnostic middleware solution, DCKAP Integrator integrates your ERP system with eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc. as well as leading applications such as Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce, Bloomreach, and Hubspot to name a few. Interconnectivity is one of the foremost features that comes in handy with DCKAP Integrator as you can connect and manage various application instances in a single dashboard. Being a hybrid integration platform, you can easily bring in interactions between applications irrespectively whether on cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. You can also work on any glitches in your integrations before making them live, while also keeping an eye on field level mappings, business logic, integration flows, and new functionalities. With the optimal pre-built connectors of DCKAP Integrator, integrate leading third-party applications, protocol, and databases through a very few steps. With the high-grade customization, improve your operational flexibility by working flawlessly on any business, data transfer logic, or mapping.  Why DCKAP Integrator for your integration journey? The answer is pretty simple!

Bid Adieu to Operational Silos

With the business operations gaining momentum, improving the pace of your work cannot be overruled. As data handling becomes as vital as ever, you cannot give space for manual errors. Let’s take a look at how DCKAP Integrator, as an integration platform, opens up wider integration possibilities between Infor ERP, your eCommerce platform, and other leading applications.


DCKAP Integrator puts into place the ultimate automation of synchronization between Infor ERP and your eCommerce platform that includes inventory, supply chain, order synchronization, to name a few from the endless list. The bi-directional data orchestration is facilitated through complete automation. With the preset scheduled time, the orders that are placed will be automatically synced to your ERP system. In addition, it also handles offline order sync. You will be provided with timely updates of inventory status with respect to each warehouse and the stock availability.Cloras brings in complete automation

Data and Reporting Enhancements

By integrating Infor ERP with DCKAP Integrator, get hold of a comprehensive tool to assess and oversee both successful and failed transactions and also look into comparison graphs. A detailed inspection into all your financial data and analytics is brought into place through DCKAP Integrator. These analytics range from payable accounts, revenue, budgeting and expense analytics, and so on. You are no longer required to take up the trouble of managing data since DCKAP Integrator guarantees impeccable data synchronization between Infor ERP and your eCommerce platform. Separately managing the customer data such as contact information, order history, purchase history, shipping and billing address will be a thing of the past as all these relevant information will be available in one place. 

Advanced User Experience    

With the top-notch UI/UX, enhance your operational workflows as DCKAP Integrator supports drag and drop feature and minimal coding. To set up and work on the Infor ERP integrations, flow designer, which is a simple pseudo-code based interface comes into play. You can also keenly examine data transfer along with working on debugging at every phase in case of any failure. Making the solution user-friendly, it enables you to schedule interactions of your systems as and when you want and also synchronize all your data in real-time. 

Bottom Line

With the distribution industry widening its horizon in 2021, updating yourselves with the latest advancements in technology is more necessary than ever. So is your easy adaptability with the ERP system. The flexibility of operations that Infor ERP offers along with our middleware solution, ring in the expanding space of the distribution sector with enhanced operational workflows and flawless functionalities aided by the right expertise.  To open up limitless integration possibilities, do get in touch with us.

Sreedevi R

Sreedevi R is a content writer at DCKAP. Being an eCommerce enthusiast, she has a keen interest in exploring the dynamics of digital commerce and aspires to bring them to light through her words. She is in a constant sprint for expanding her knowledge base in eCommerce and looks forward to polishing the craft of writing. A cinephile as always, you can find her engrossed in watching movies during her free time.

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