Magento extensions have always played a pivotal role in the building its eco-system and in the continuous evolution of the Magento platform.

Magento Marketplace is a win-win scenario for both Merchants and the Solution providers. Magento has been taking several steps to raise the quality of the Magento 2 extensions. Earlier this year, it introduced the Extension Quality Program which consists of business, technical, and marketing reviews that all extension submissions must pass in order to be listed on the Marketplace.

As a part of raising awareness about the quality of extensions, Magento published a series of blogs. They were short blogs in the form of tips. The blogs were so crisp, clear and useful, we decided to compile it in a single place for the benefit of the Magento Community.

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Top Ten Tips on Magento 2 Extensions

Magento’s Extension Quality Program verifies that all Marketplace extensions meet Magento standards and best practices. If you prefer you can also opt for the ‘Deep Technical Review”. Extensions that clear this review receive a Top Quality Badge, which is the seal of approval that Magento merchants can trust.

The details of the checks made are listed in the link below…

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