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Why brands must choose all-in-one PIM solution?

December 17, 2019 |

Great customer experience is all about providing the right information to the right customers, at the relevant touchpoints, or every touchpoint. And PIM helps businesses achieve that.

A solid PIM solution helps you to manage all product data from one place and send the data to every channel where products are listed.

A vital key to customer loyalty is brands providing a single source of truth for all channels. That way, customers get the belief that the information is correct and gain trust on your eCommerce site.

PIM offers a myriad of solutions to complement your brand expansion, and let us take a look at why brands should seek a PIM solution that does much more than just govern product data, and helps to increase brand growth.

What all features constitute an all-in-one PIM solution?

1. Flexible import of product data

eCommerce is on an ever-changing spree with new products with incredible features getting launched often, and the trends changing overnight. For online stores, it is a necessity to stay ahead of the competition by feeding accurate data onto the online store in jet speed.

Because if you are late, someone else might do it. Or, the customer will move away to your competitors.

When you have a PIM which allows the flexible import of product data, it becomes easier for brands to upload and transfer data from PIM to all the online marketplaces where your market is listed.

It would be even more convenient if the PIM you choose allows importing product data in ANY format.

2. Ability to sell at every marketplace

If you have a brick and mortar store, the very advantage of having multiple stores means it would be easy for customers to access your store and buy the products they want. We cannot have a single physical store and expect customers to drive miles to reach your store, right? Of course, there will be buyers who would do whatever it takes to buy a product. But, the odds are not high on your side. And that is not good news.

Your products need to be available for sale at more than one marketplace so the customers can buy the product from multiple places.

It’s simple: you play to the gallery when there is a crowd in the gallery.

When you have products at multiple places, it becomes a must to provide the same details in all marketplaces, and a PIM helps you attain the same – by sending across data in just a couple of clicks.

Providing a single source of truth in all channels helps to win over customers’ trust.

3. Go beyond your local zone

Why restrict your products at one place, when you can sell literally everywhere around the globe?

If you are a merchant selling at different regions, make the experience even better with a robust PIM by your side. If you are a store owner looking forward to venturing into the global market, PIM will provide an extra hand in helping businesses sell globally providing multilingual product data.

Online stores can use PIM to expand beyond their local markets.

4. Provide special offers

There are some days, like New Year, Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, and so on, during which eCommerce stores offer special offers to customers to bring in more visitors and increase sales.

Such moves are strategically planned considering what products should be put up for slashed prices and what products should be let out with discounted prices.

Wondering how a PIM would help in this aspect? Having a PIM with a robust feature like Rule-Based Automation will help brands select and send ONLY the specific products to the front-end for sale.

Brands need not spend much time selecting products one by one. With this feature, all they need to do is write a rule, and then it sends the products directly to the special offers page for them to be listed. Sounds cool, right?

This also reduces employee redundancy and increases efficiency!

5. Send products faster to market with PIM

Bringing your products faster to the market and getting them listed gives your store a competitive advantage!

Usually, all the product data you need: image files, features, descriptions, attributes, how-to docs, tutorials, and everything you need to get your product listed might be scattered in different places with multiple teams working in your organization. Coordinating with everyone and coupling the data together is a time consuming and tedious process.

But that is not the scenario when you have a PIM by your side, as all the data will be saved in a single storage system of easy access, and the person who has been assigned the task of listing products on the store can do a lot, in very less time.

Less effort, more sales! That’s why every enterprise needs a PIM!

Provide enriching product information at every stage of the buying process to sell sooner and see the sales spurge.

Still looking for a PIM solution that has all the powerful features we have listed above and many more. Take a look at DCKAP PIM – the Flexible Product Information Management System enterprises can rely upon. Get in touch to explore the marvel of DCKAP PIM.


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