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Workflows V3: DCKAP Integrator’s Biggest Release This Year

Girinath A
October 18, 2023 |
Workflows V3 in DCKAP Integrator | Blog banner

We’re very proud of the DCKAP Integrator. It’s a fantastic product that delivers as promised: seamless integrations that simplify commerce for distributors. 

That said, it’s not perfect. No product is. And that imperfection allows us room to experiment, develop the product more, and improve it with every new update. As you read this, we have just launched one of our most anticipated product updates recently: an upgraded approach to workflows. 

Hold on, what are Workflows?

Referred to by similar names across the industry, Workflows or flows are tasked with handling the business logic within the Integrator, including tasks such as making API calls to the target system or tool, formatting & validating the data, and logging transactions.

Simply put, they determine what data is transferred, from which tool, to which tool and when. Establishing these flows and pipes is an important aspect of integrating applications, as they lay the groundwork for the intended data transfers.

Workflows: Version 1 To Version 2

Some of the biggest upgrades that the previous versions went through include:

  • Version 2 saw the product evolve from a more complex integration approach to one that was designed to allow any developer to use the application.
  • From building integrations through pure-code Python, Version 2 saw the selection and deployment of a pseudo-code method of building integrations.
DCKAP Integrator: Workflows Version 1
  • At this stage, the common approach in the market was to approach with a graph-based model for integration, setting our pseudo-code approach apart from them.
  • From raw code, Version 2 saw updated features such as a drag-and-drop interface, allowing for a more intuitive experience in creating the flows.
  • Version 1 also had the internal team create custom codes for each customer, which was corrected to be way more scalable with Version 2. 
DCKAP Integrator: Workflows Version 2

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Introducing Workflows Version 3 & Its Flow Builder

  • DCKAP simplifies commerce for distributors. Version 3 of DCKAP Integrator’s Workflows aims to do just that: simplify integrations.
  • This meant looking beyond just flows, but making the entire process of integrating easier on the DCKAP Integrator. 
  • After months of research and designing, we opted to create a one, easier-to-use, unique interface that builds integrations from a without the need for multiple windows.
DCKAP Integrator: Workflows Version 3
  • The new Flow Builder now consists of multiple columns moving from left to right. Each column represents a level or branch in the workflow and the steps involved.
  • It is designed to make the process of building the integrations all the more intuitive, allowing users to now build basic integrations independently.
  • Developers new and old will also find it easier to build more complex integrations in Version 3. 
  • The integrations can now be managed from a single screen, including building, testing, running, debugging, and monitoring logs.

This beta launch comes with additional updates and bug fixes, which you can read all about in our release notes.

What’s Next?

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels. The launch of this new avatar of the DCKAP Integrator will be followed by continued improvements to the product. Our gratitude to our customers for their steady faith in DCKAP Integrator, and for the feedback that helps us ensure the platform meets their evolving needs.

We’ll continue to innovate, experiment and simplify your commerce. To see how the DCKAP Integrator can help your business, let us know when you’d like to talk with our integration specialists.


What is DCKAP Integrator?

DCKAP Integrator is DCKAP’s flagship product: an ERP Integration platform that is built for distributors. The platform-agnostic product is equipped with features such as multi-platform integration, advanced mapping and modifiers, logging, schedulers, and a brand-new, simplified flow builder. 

What is the use of DCKAP Integrator?

DCKAP Integrator can be used to connect critical business applications to allow the seamless, bidirectional flow of data. It can connect your ERP, eCommerce platform, PIM, CRM, EDI and more with ease. Being designed for distributors, the product works especially well with technology preferred by them, including Epicor‘s ERPs – Prophet 21, Eclipse and Kinetic, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce Magento, Sage ERPs, Salesforce, NetSuite and more.

Why do we need DCKAP Integrator?

DCKAP Integrator can help distributors ensure they are up-to-date with important business information. By easily syncing data flow between business applications, the tool allows for easy access to real-time data, while eliminating the manual effort that is often otherwise invested in managing this data.

It also empowers sales, marketing, and customer services professionals as well as decision-makers with transparent, timely updates to help them excel in their roles. The tool is built to help distributors remove complexity from their processes and boost revenue.

Is DCKAP Integrator iPaaS?

Yes, DCKAP Integrator acts as middleware connecting applications for seamless data flow. It is a cloud-based application that can integrate both on-premise and cloud applications for easy management and smoother business processes. Learn more about iPaaS here.

Girinath A

Girinath is a Senior Business Analyst with vast experience in Integrations of SaaS products across various platforms such as ERP, eCommerce, CRM, and other customer solutions. He also plays a role as a Solution Consultant showcasing the Product features to the prospects and providing solutions to the B2B customers based on their Business requirements. He acts as a liaison among the stakeholders and ensures the customers achieve the desired results. In his free time, he enjoys playing cricket, traveling to interesting places, taking part in adventure sports, and tour vlogging.

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