What is iPaaS

iPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service is a group of cloud hosted platform offerings that provide infrastructure and middleware to integrate software applications deployed in different environments. iPaaS is a multi-tenant platform that facilitates integrating applications on cloud, on-premises or cloud-to-on-premise environments and scales to meet any degree of data transfer requirements.

Why do you need iPaaS

  • Handle the complexity of multitudes of data from many data points.
  • Simplify integration by reducing its time, work, and complexity.
  • Support real-time data integration between business applications such as ERP, Ecommerce, CRM, and Databases.
  • Consistent Integration structure compared to legacy middleware counterparts like EAI and ESBs.
  • Effective decision making due to the availability of key business data when needed.
What is iPaaS

iPaaS – Features and Specifications

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Multi – Tenant Architecture

iPaaS solution provides many clients (also called tenants) to securely share their software and hardware resources, mostly from a single instance in the cloud. All required maintenance and upgrades are performed by the iPaaS provider.

Workflow Orchestration Engine

Data processing for a business has many dependencies and are chained to one another. iPaaS platform automates this workflow chain and executes each data flow task in sequence, and process the entire dependency as a single unit.

Centralized Interface

iPaaS applications offer all tenants (customers) an intuitive, simple-to-use, centralized interface to initiate, deploy as well as maintain integration of enterprise applications. Users can manage all integrations from a single login.

Customized API Management

iPaaS solutions facilitate for the full deployment and management of APIs from one single platform with provisions for scalability and customizability if required, as well as incorporate business transition from EDI to API systems.

Real – Time Integration

Number of SaaS applications and their data complexities are increasing. iPaaS helps meet the increasing demand for data synchronization and processing across multitudes of enterprise applications.

Integration Data Standards

iPaaS applications support data transfer and translation capabilities for systems that have varied data standards, based on different integration scenarios, applications and/or industries.

Who uses iPaaS

Multiple applications

Businesses who have more than one application that manages their processes.

B2B organizations

B2B organizations that look for a single solution to manage their data exchange functionality.

Who uses iPaaS
Legacy middleware

Companies looking to transition from old legacy middleware solutions for integration managed by IT departments.


Diversifying business looking for a modernized IT infrastructure that offers a scalable and flexible integration solution.


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