The Unilog PIM Connector

Import Enrich and Distribute product data without the huge expense

Unilog helps you to generate new product content or add more to the existing catalogs. Product information from Unilog can be easily imported into DCKAP PIM and distributed from there, after enriching it with digital assets, using the DCKAP PIM Unilog connector.

Simple imports and even simpler distribution of product content using Unilog PIM Connector with three simple steps

Import product content

Import product content

  • Import bulk product information from Unilog with DCKAP PIM Unilog connector.
  • With rules-based engines gain control over subsequent information imports.
  • Save on time and multiply on efficiency with easier and faster imports using Custom Import options.

Customize product content

Digital Asset Management

Edit and enrich product information with videos, documents, images, and so on with Digital Asset Management within DCKAP PIM.

Product Content customization

  • Customize product content with built-in description builders.
  • Restrict the content import from Unilog using Attribute mapping.
  • Restrict information directly at the product level.
  • Classify product data and manage catalogs using Product Hierarchy arrangement within DCKAP PIM.
Customize product content
Syndicate data

Syndicate data

Schedule once and automate for as long as you want with a two-way scheduler using the Unilog PIM connector

  • Schedule Import of product information from Unilog to DCKAP PIM
  • Schedule syndication of product content from DCKAP PIM to 3rd party channels like eCommerce marketplaces, mobile, print media, retailers, suppliers, and so on.

Get high-quality product data with DCKAP PIM’s fairly priced, easy-to-use features

Rule-based engine
Create your own rules to automate data imports, syncs, and manage Unilog content. Control what information is imported in subsequent imports. The possibilities with rules are enormous, customized to your needs.
Bulk edits
Save on the time lost and say goodbye to errors due to manual editing of product information. Edit and enrich product data in bulk easily using DCKAP PIM.
Digital Asset Management
Enrich existing content or add assets to newly imported content using DCKAP PIM’s Digital Asset Management.
Easy and automated imports with DCKAP PIM’s “Custom Import” and “Flexible Import” options. No need to follow strict guidelines for importing data from spreadsheets.
Exports were never this easy. Filter the data you wish to export, select the file format like .csv,.xls.,.xlsx and so on and see the export happen within no time.
Multiple languages
Multiple language support within DCKAP PIM enables you to sell wider and faster to multiple regions in their native language.
Attribute mapping
Attribute mapping enables you to map values from Unilog to values in DCKAP PIM. You can also restrict the Unilog attributes you don’t need from syncing to DCKAP PIM.
Product hierarchy
DCKAP PIM’s product hierarchy helps you to classify complex products into simpler units like families, attributes, and attribute groups thus making product edits and catalog management easier.

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