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Attain Greater Accuracy and Visibility

Manage multiple ecommerce stores, automatically update product information, consolidate pricing and ensure data accuracy by integrating BigCommerce PIM to your existing tech stack with DCKAP Integrator.

Enhance Customer Engagement With BigCommerce Connector

Sales and customer engagement grow when your product information and pricing are consistently accurate and up-to-date across platforms. Enhance the customer journey with BigCommerce Integration.

See How Premier Safety Cut Costs with BigCommerce PIM Integration

A reliance on outdated legacy systems was costing Premier Safety time and money. By integrating data from over 14,000 SKUs with DCKAP Integrator, Premier Safety cut costs and enhanced workflows.

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Learn How Coronado DC Gained Control Over Its Product Content

Coronado DC struggled to sync data between P21 and BigCommerce. DCKAP Integrator connected these systems so Coronado DC could save time, improve accuracy and gain governance over its product data.

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Achieve Product Unity Across Every Channel

Help Your Systems Thrive by Unifying Data and Ensuring Accuracy

DCKAP Integrator helps distributors unlock their systems’ full potential by merging PIM, ERP, CRM, ecommerce and other vital systems. After integrating your systems, gain insight into:

  • Product content, including descriptions, photos and videos
  • Dynamic and library pricing
  • Marketing and sales funnels
  • Order-to-cash processes and fulfillment status
  • Online and offline sales
  • Customer patterns like browsing behavior, shopping trends and channel preferences

Centralized Dashboards

Manage your product information management efforts and see detailed analytics from across your organization in a central, user-friendly dashboard.

Online and Offline Synchronization

Synchronize customer, pricing and product information in real-time for online and offline sales and customer support channels.

Detailed Reporting

Receive detailed reports about product information and platform connectivity, either in real-time or on a predetermined schedule.

Multi-Language Support

Ensure your product listings display the most accurate and up-to-date information across every region and language needed.


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