Our PHP Web Application Service includes, but not limited to

  • Web Application Development
  • Application Re-Engineering
  • Application Enhancement
  • Web Application Maintenance
  • mySQL Data Modeling
  • Open Source PHP Implementation
  • Zend Framework Development
  • CakePHP Development



Riddell has been the premier designer and developer of protective sports equipment, one of Easton-Bell Sports, Inc's most well-known brands. The business challenge was to motivate the Riddell's employees by giving special purchase options. Another challenge that Riddell faced was in reordering of the blocks of content in the admin page as they were complex in terms of usability.

DCKAP Solution for Riddell

Our PHP developers developed a customized plug-in for employees along with salient registration and approval features for the management. An email is triggered whenever an employee registers or if the registration is approved. The purchase of the employee is regulated under specialized rules. DCKAP's PHP programmers provided an intuitive, and easy-to-use 'Drag and Drop' option for the reorganization of various blocks of content in the admin page. This feature made the functionality simple and user friendly while consequently reducing user effort.


PDC connects people, products, and technology through innovative ID solutions that deliver superior customer experiences worldwide. PDC provides solutions to different domains which include Healthcare, Leisure & Entertainment, Animal ID and Inmate ID. PDC has been a number one choice for the most reliable wristband solution. PDC requested a more streamlined, seamless buying process for the user on each of their websites. We also addressed a functional aspect in the design process, as PDC looked to implement customizable wristband design. PDC sought to empower the user by enabling them to design their own wristbands. The client believed that implementing these features could help promoting their business.

DCKAP Solution for PDC

Search functionality was fine tuned by our PHP experts to fetch specific and accurate results and the performance was optimized to improve the user work flow and the buying process. Designing of the custom wristband online application was developed by our PHP developers to make the business process simple and fast. Customer can custom design their wristbands as easily as they wish while placing the order within minutes. Great promotional features were implemented to promote sales during seasons.


Comcast's idea was to build an interactive community training portal as a social networking site. The goal was to use this training and development application for Comcast employees in their call center. Ideally, training is accomplished through online and offline games. Employee scoring is tracked as per their user groups.

DCKAP Solution for Comcast

DCKAP's PHP programmers developed a game portal so that the employees would learn in an amusing, and conducive manner. The game portal allows the user to navigate to various user groups, and through the appropriate difficulty levels. In order to control access levels we customized a Joomla component named JUGA. We incorporated Flash in order to facilitate the game play for the Comcast users/employees. We also provided a customized point system that was achieved through PHP based open source Jomsocial, which ranks the user based on their points.

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