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Cloud For Adobe Commerce: A Definitive Guide

July 7, 2021
Kalashree P
Adobe Commerce - DCKAP

Before developing your online store, you should decide whether to manage it on your own – you manage your eCommerce infrastructure on your own and install it on your own servers, or let a third party run it for you. 

We have two types of hosting: on-premise and cloud. If you choose a third party that helps you in cloud hosting, here Magento’s own cloud solution – Cloud For Adobe Commerce, which was earlier called Magento Commerce Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Edition.

What Is Cloud For Adobe Commerce?

As a PaaS, Adobe offers three products-Commerce, Open-source, Cloud. Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Edition previously known as Enterprise Cloud Edition and now renamed as Cloud for Adobe Commerce, was released in 2016. It is a managed and automated hosting platform specifically created for Cloud solutions. It includes all Adobe Commerce on-premise features and includes improved Cloud infrastructure hosting that brings with it key environments and Git integration.

Magento Commerce Cloud has to its credit a set of additional features that makes it unique from the on-premises Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce platforms.

Benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud

Benefits of Commerce Cloud

Technology Slack

Cloud for Adobe Commerce is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment designed specifically for Magento 2 and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Its pre-provisioned infrastructure consists of MySQL, PHP, RabbitMQ, Redis, and Elasticsearch technologies, also a git-based workflow with automated build and deploy to aid Continuous deployment and Rapid development.

To power up your Adobe Commerce development and deployment process, each plan has its own unique architecture.

Magento Commerce Cloud Technology Slack

Technology Slack


Cloud for Adobe Commerce has a Starter and a Pro plan. Each plan has a unique architecture to drive your Adobe Commerce development and deployment process. Starter Architecture The starter plan architecture has four environments – Integration, Staging, Production, and Inactive. This starter architecture supports:

  • All Magento 2 Core Features
  • Paypal Onboarding Tools
  • Business Intelligence essentials

Here’s a diagram that clearly explains the hierarchical relationship of the environments:

Magento Commerce Cloud Starter Architecture

Starter Architecture

Pro Architecture The pro plan architecture supports multiple environments that can be used for developing, testing, and launching your store – Integration, Staging, Production, and Master. Your project is considered as a single Git repository that involves three significant environment branches for Integration, Staging, and Production. This Pro Plan supports:

  • All Magento 2 Core Features
  •  Paypal Onboarding Tools
  • Business Intelligence Pro
  • B2B Module

You can see the hierarchical relationship of the environments as displayed in the diagram below:

Magento Commerce Cloud Pro Architecture

Pro Architecture


Features Commerce Commerce Cloud
Store Management
Price Management
Inventory Management
Category Management
Order Management
Payment, Shipping, Customer
AWS Hosting
Tools for Performance
Fastly Integrations
GIT workflow
24*7 Support

Benefits of Cloud Computing and the Advantage of Magento’s Established Architecture

Configured Environment You do not need to care about server configurations, the Magento team will take care of it and simplifies server administration. GIT Integrations It provides us with the support for eight environments to develop, test, and launch your store. (Development, staging, production, and many inactive environments). Seamless and Fast Production Deployments We have various Cloud deployment optimization techniques that make our production deployment faster. High scalability and easy customization It works the same as open-source and commerce and is easily customizable. Enhanced Security Magento provides great security and has launched additional protection measures – Web Application Firewall (WAF). Any possible malware infiltrations to your online store will be deterred by the Web Application Firewall. For cloud users, this feature is the standard part of the infrastructure without any cost to launch. Performance As commerce cloud works on AWS, it is known for its high performance. Cost of Ownership

With Magento Cloud, you can easily do away with support costs. This goes the same for hosting, design, support, maintenance, security patches, custom, and third-party extensions.

Advanced Technologies Used

  • Fastly for CDN, WAF, IO, and caching.
  • Blackfire Profiler for performance testing.
  • New Relic APM for performance testing.
  • GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket (if you need a Git repo).

Cloud for Adobe Commerce platform is a cost-effective solution that combines rich out-of-the-box functionality and commerce scalability. It gives all you ever wanted to increase sales and grow your business.

Planning to Host your store on Commerce cloud? 

DCKAP is an official Adobe Solution Partner with a larger number of certified developers. From building your first eCommerce store to customizing it, to even migrating your store from another platform to Adobe commerce, we augment your online storefront with the right solutions and integrations. Our expert team takes the complexity of Magento customizations on our shoulders to deliver you the required custom functionality. In addition to the maintenance services, we also provide integrated solutions to integrate your ERP/CRM with your online storefront. With us, transform your store into a commerce cloud platform and usher in eCommerce success.