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Cyber Monday And Black Friday Sales: How To Get Your Magento 2 Store Ready?

Sreedevi R
October 21, 2021 |
Cyber Monday

The countdown has finally begun for that time of the year when you start prepping up eCommerce strategies to catch up with the euphoria of Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales. In 2020, online shopping touched $9 billion for Black Friday sales alone resulting in a 22% hike in eCommerce sales, making it the second-largest shopping day ever in the US.

And here comes the exciting news!

Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales are expected to hit $11.8 billion in 2021.

So, be prepared to deal with the rush by choosing the right eCommerce platform. Make sure that your choice regarding the perfect eCommerce platform should be on fleek to save yourself from any last-minute glitch.

Before we dive deeper into why choose Magento 2.4 for your eCommerce store, here are a few basic factors you should check off to up your eCommerce game this holiday season.

Your checklist to boost eCommerce sales for the holiday season!

Gear up for the festive mood of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There is no better time than now to develop strategies to woo online shoppers.

Ensure unparalleled web experience

The most important factor that glues your customers to your eCommerce website rests with the web performance. Your online storefront should be fully equipped to handle the increased traffic during the holiday season. Optimizing the page load time is definitely the need of the hour. Easy navigation and sufficient website speed hook the potential customers to your site. According to Google, three seconds is the accepted time to ensure website acceptability. Ensure competitive advantage with optimized page load time, especially during holiday seasons as your potential customers are bombarded by lots of your competitors.

Proper understanding of inventory

You shouldn’t miss out on any information regarding your inventory. As you expect a great rush, you can’t afford to face the panicky ‘out-of-stock situation’. It can affect your future business and customer retention as well.Keeping your inventory in check is one of the foremost eCommerce tips that you should adopt in order to make the most out of Black Friday sales. The proper usage of advanced warehouse management systems can help you wriggle out of such disasters. Do not forget to ensure that your Product Information Management is in check.

Marketing strategy

Marketing is one of the strongest pillars of any business, which you cannot overlook. An ideal marketing plan for Black Friday sales can hike your sales manifold. With a proper eCommerce strategy, you can improve the SEO ranking of your website.Effective use of email marketing, Google Ads, or advertising via Facebook can increase the visibility of your website among the masses. Providing gift cards is another smart move towards enhancing online traffic. Make your offers and deals hit the bull’s eye, pulling the potential customers to your eCommerce store.Marketing strategyAbandoned cart campaign Abandoned cart campaigns can be your trump card to gain online traffic to your site especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One of the most effective eCommerce strategies, the abandoned cart campaign can boost your Black Friday sales in ways you have never imagined. By improving the functionality of a site, its conversion rate can shoot up by 35.26%. So, sending abandoned cart messages through email or web push notification can serve as a reminder to those shoppers, eventually pushing them to land on your eCommerce website.

Search performance

An enhanced search performance creates a better shopping experience for customers. It helps in easy navigation through your eCommerce website instead of backing out midway. Ensure that your online store is well equipped to provide a frictionless search performance. Also, optimize displaying maximum search results, instant search, and autocomplete features. Additionally, maximum search results provision displays bestsellers, so the customers can get more idea about your reach in the market, subtly luring them to search for more. 

Here’s why Magento 2.4 is the perfect eCommerce platform to handle Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales-

With the holiday season around the corner, eCommerce sales are predicted to witness huge traffic like never before- the two crucial days to attract customers. With the increased and efficient performance of Magento, you can convert them into regular customers as well. Here is how Magento can be your lifesaver:

Magento PWA Studio

With new updates, Magento 2.4 has made great advancements in developing progressive web applications, i.e. PWA. This innovative technology curates the development of app-like sites that are really quick in their functioning. It is compatible with any device or browser. The responsive design of PWA makes it mobile-friendly, which is inevitably the need of the hour. It is only natural that on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your potential customers will be on a shopping spree as expected. The best way that you can make them glued onto your eCommerce site is by providing unparalleled navigation through your site without creating any inconvenience. So Magento 2.4 comes with PWA integration that would reward a better experience for the users, eventually benefitting your eCommerce sales. With the Magento PWA Studio, you can save the expenditure of managing native apps. Another huge advantage that awaits you is its offline feature, users can easily check out the eCommerce store if they have paid a visit before. The mobile app experience smoothens the shopping experience and enables the cross-platform feature. So, with a single web code, your website can be run on different platforms. Magento PWA enhances the loading speed of your website through which you can lure more customers as well by providing them a credible shopping experience.PWA Studio of Magento 2Two-Factor Authentication With the increase in web traffic, security has been a major concern that could bog you down. Despite Magento being a safe and secure platform, it has come up with the exceptional feature of two-factor authentication or 2FA through which you can double your security measures. By enabling this new feature, Magento Admin UI can only be accessed with two steps of authentication, thereby enhancing the security measures of eCommerce sites.2FA comes into place by default and for obvious reasons, it shouldn’t be disabled. Through the two-factor authentication, Magento 2.4 adds an extra measure of security for your eCommerce site. This additional security measure will prevent any sort of unauthorized access of the malicious user to your website. As the busy days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, the last thing that you have to be worried about is security.

Inventory Management

One of the most essential features of Magento, the inventory management feature can save you from a great deal of embarrassment. For any eCommerce business owner, going out of stock is undoubtedly the scariest nightmares on such busy days as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But, the advanced warehouse management tool availed by Magento 2.4 can avoid such unwanted hurdles.With this tool, you can keep track of your inventories in different warehouses. Thus, you can make sure that enough stock is available to boost sales. All you have to do is enable the ‘Manage Stock’ option, and then the product will automatically track the status of the stock’s availability. You will receive regular updates as and when the customers shop. Moreover, automated integration between ERP, CRM, and eCommerce sites enables you to have a better understanding of activities along with enhanced management.You can also track the customer’s shopping history and provide them personalized shopping experience, which can eventually boost up sales. Magento equips you with the required tools to ensure you will never face an out-of-stock situation. You can foresee any probable crisis beforehand and take precautions so that you can earn brownie points among the customers. With this feature, you will be better equipped to deal with the rush of the Black Friday shopping spree without fretting over the availability of stock.Magento 2 features smoothen inventory managementIn-Store Pickup Delivery Method In-Store pickup, which was earlier christened as Multi-Source Inventory, is crucial for merchants as well as customers. With this option, you can display the location of your brick and mortar store on Store Locator. Now, the customers can place an order online and collect it from your store. This feature of Magento 2.4 serves two purposes- increase online traffic to your eCommerce website as well as foot traffic to your store. Black Friday sales resorting to In-Store Pickup and curbside shopping gained pace amid the current situation. This phase can be utilized to boost your sales through In-Store Pickup. With this feature, you can boost sales activities on such busy days. The In-Store Pickup method will eventually help you gain more popularity since your store will be highlighted on a customized Google Map that can be displayed anywhere on your site. With the HTML5 code of this customized map, customers will get a clear idea about their distance to the stores around them and choose the store that is closer to them. Their convenience will ultimately work in your favor, adding more regular customers to your growing list. You can use this as an eCommerce strategy to boost your sales.

Product Recommendation

An efficient product recommendation tool is imperative to keep the customers glued to your eCommerce site. This tool can be of great benefit during days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday when you can experience heavy online traffic.Powered by Adobe Sensei, the product recommendation feature of Magento 2.4 utilizes machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to gather an idea about visitors’ search and shopping history. Thus, Magento 2.4 provides personalized product recommendations. Subsequently, it can also add up to your advantage of gaining more regular customers even after the euphoric shopping season wears off.With this feature, recommendations can be displayed on the pages of each product. Once a customer comes searching for that particular product, not only does the person reach the target page but also gets hold of the recommendation displayed on that particular page. There is no better eCommerce strategy than this to woo customers into buying additional items.On a busy shopping day, you can expect multiple shoppers to go through the same process. You can thus provide a personalized shopping experience to each customer, attracting them more and more to your eCommerce site even on regular days.Executing a proper eCommerce strategy highly depends on the capability of the eCommerce platform that you choose. Moreover, it also depends on the developers who design your website the way you want it to be. Now here comes the big question.

Whom should you rely on?

Developing your eCommerce website effectively and efficiently requires your heart and soul in it. You can’t afford to go wrong in choosing the right eCommerce platform for your website. But you are in the right direction if you are to opt for Magento 2.4.So now, what’s next?Obviously, relying on the right Magento development team. Another question arises at this point- whom to trust?You can find a plethora of Magento development agencies when you browse. Be wise to choose the right one. Let’s look at some of the factors that could help you make the right decision.

  • Look for a Magento partner
  • Grab a look at the Magento portfolio of the agency
  • A good case study can open the door to their expertise in the field
  • A well-defined website can give a sneak-peak into their work and culture

While making the decision on the Magento developers, be sure enough to ensure that your project will be safe in their hands.


With DCKAP, you can tick off all the tips from the checklist above making it the first and foremost reason for you to be on the right track. Taking its baby steps in 2005, DCKAP has 15+ years of experience in digital commerce, placing us on the higher rung of eCommerce specialists. Our expertise in providing the right solutions has helped us in the successful completion of projects that best suit our clients. We, at DCKAP, offer you the best services that can help you gear up your eCommerce website. Amidst all the worries and changing predicaments, the two most awaited days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are about to knock on your doors. Grab the opportunity and make the most out of them. Prepare your eCommerce website well in advance for the heavy online traffic that you are about to experience.


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