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Integrate Your Adobe Commerce
(Formerly Magento) and Prophet 21

DCKAP Integrator helps distributors get the most out of Epicor Prophet 21 by facilitating seamless integration with Magento system, enabling them to sync data, capture growth and improve the overall customer experience.

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Get Automatic, Frictionless Integration with DCKAP Integrator in the Mix.

DCKAP Integrator keeps data flowing between your systems in real-time. Maximize all the benefits of P21 and Magento so that no opportunity is wasted.

Discover how integration drove efficiencies for Marysville Marine Distributors

DCKAP Integrator aligned multiple locations, automated connections between Magento and P21 and eliminated tedious manual data entry for Marysville Marine Distributors.

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Magento Prophet 21 integration helped Midland Scientific exceed customer expectations.

When DCKAP Integrator connected Magento 2 and P21 ERP for Midland Scientific, its customers experienced a hyper-personal shopping experience. Improved customer satisfaction boosted profitability.

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Achieve a unified omnichannel offering with Magento P21 integration

  • Provide an omnichannel retail experience
  • Gain a complete view of the customer
  • Experience immediate data flow between systems
  • Achieve greater data accuracy
  • Optimize the sales funnel with more complete data
  • Improve fulfillment, logistics and shipping processes with real-time data

Maximized Revenue Capture

With DCKAP Integrator ensuring automatic, accurate data flow and automated processes between systems, you can maximize opportunities and capture growth.

Seamless Order Flow

Order processing is made simple and intuitive, with many stages of the process facilitated automatically due to seamless integration.

Simplified Management

From product to inventory management, automation and data accuracy lend themselves to easier management by eliminating manual work and boosting efficiency.

Better Customer Experience

Synchronized, accurate data and simplified processes mean your customers will have a more seamless experience engaging with your eCommerce business.


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