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“Strategically, we set out to have the most robust technology platform in the rapidly growing hemp industry. Our technology is a major differentiator, enabling us to scale quickly, safely and efficiently. When evaluating business partners and solutions, DCKAP and Magento were a perfect fit.”

Steve Raack

CEO, Vitalibis

“DCKAP has been instrumental in streamlining the development process and continued maintenance for our Magento site. Their attention to detail, response time and expertise have been invaluable in getting our site up to speed and improving conversion. We have been continually impressed by the quality of work and tight turn around times DCKAP and Mohan Natarajan are able to deliver on, and we look forward to our continuing our work together.”

Jessie Kressen

Creative Services Manager, Bottle Store- O.Berk Company
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“When we received the green light to implement the Gift Card program, it was imperative to the project's success to use a development firm who could handle working with multiple vendor teams while at the same time focus on the task at hand. Not only did DCKAP play this difficult role, the project launch was near perfect.”

Ezra Shaffer

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & eCommerce BRG Sports
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“DCKAP has been a great partner for us and helped us to create a new site on Shopify. They completely helped us achieve our goals under a tight timeline with a clear understanding of our development requirements. Not only did we need to launch an eCommerce site, but they helped us with the rebranding, aspirational design, and a new direction in product categorization and navigational structure. It has been a pleasure to work with the team and we look forward to the next evolution.”

Wes Toyofuku

Sr. Director of Ecommerce
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“I'd like to thank the entire DCKAP team for your hard work and excellent work in relaunching salterlabs.com. The result is spectacular and would not have happened without you. We especially appreciate the diligence and collaboration you exhibited throughout the project. We look forward to continuing to improve the site going forward.”

Joshua Bennett

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Salter Labs
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"I do appreciate the service DCKAP is giving us. The fact that they respond and fix issues so quickly, are flexible and doing all they can to respond our need. They are always available to help and talk with us. Even if they are on a different time zone, we had no issues for meetings and the good thing is when it’s night time here, DCKAP works on the website. During our day, we could work our part which makes it very productive to be pro active 24/7 on a website built. We never encountered issues on the deadline being asked.”

Edouard Garneau

Founder and Manager of Connec Outdoors
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“DCKAP has been an amazing partnership. It actually turned more into a relationship. They proved to me over and over again that they are so good. The quality of the work has been just spectacular. Seems like every single challenge that we hand to them, they take it and they just produce quality work from it.”

Ezra Shaffer

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce at BRG Sports.
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“I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work. You guys write good code, follow requirements thoroughly, and communicate very well. It has been a pleasurable experience working with you.”

Kevin Earl Gardner

Web Development Team Lead at EBSCO Industries, Inc

“We had been working with a handful of different vendors, and at the time we realized that DCKAP was way above the rest from in terms of communication and technical expertise. We knew that they were working for us and had our best interests in mind. One thing that I really appreciate from DCKAP was their ability to communicate. Their communication skills were above and beyond what I have experienced with vendors. The relationship was such a great fit that we brought on DCKAP employees in-house to work with us directly.”

Dan Schuessler

Digital Project Manager, Riddell
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“Thanks for a very successful website launch. You and the entire DCKAP team did a marvelous job. We have received positive feedback regarding the ease of navigation, simple style, and a plethora of good information contained in the site.”

Angie Perkins

Chief Financial Officer, Salter Labs
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“We developed a great relationship with DCKAP and appreciated their team's dedication to our website and all aspects of our tech requirements. The team completed projects on time, and provided a smooth transition in our services.”

Anya Colon

Director of Operations and Finance, New York Institute of Finance